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GGST Tier List



GGST Tier List

GGST Tier list is now available here. You can see the ranked of the character and choose the best character to go on the top of the leaderboard. We have ranked the character in ordered from S-Tier (Top Chracters) to C-Tier (Good).

If we talk about the Guilty Gear Strive than this is a fighting video game developed by Arc System Works. GGST is available on various platforms like Arc System Works, Sega, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

GGST Tier List

Here, You can explore GGST Tier List that is ranked from S-Tier (Top) to C-Tier (Good):


S-TIER list of the game define the Top Character:

SGGST Tier List
Sol Badguy is the central character of the game series. The aim of the character is to hunt down and destroy the magical bioweapons as the gears.


A-TIER list of the game defines the Better Character of the game but is not as good as S-TIER:

May is an amazing character in the tough times. The character was born in Japanese colonies and lost her parents. She is a very spirited girl with a cheerful personality.
Ramlethal has the capability to change and live an ordinary life. The character can poke with great range and disjointed hitboxes on the air and ground with the help of her swords.
AChipp Zanuff
Chipp Zanuff
Chipp Zanuff is a man with red eyes and white hair. The character can be described as a glass cannon because he is a very aggressive and speedy character.
ALeo Whitefang
Leo Whitefang
You can see Leo Whitefang act in an animated and dramatic style. He has an unmistakable air of power, confidence and superiority.
Giovanna is an aggressive and speedy character of the Guilty Gear Strive. The character strong poked and moveset make her a very powerful character even outside of Giovanna’s preferred range.


B-TIER list of the game defines the Best Character but is not as good as A-TIER:

Zato has a very calm and calculating mindset and is best known as a very pragmatic and stoic.
Nagoriyuki is a muscular man with and unique personality focusing on mid-range and up-close pressure.
Axl is a very kind person and a definitive zoner. He has the ability to control space and harass enemies at mid to long-range.
Potemkin’s personality is a kind soul and brilliant mind with a passion for art and nature. The character has an extreme muscle mass and his upper body is very large that why he is an absolute powerhouse.
BMillia Rage
Millia Rage
Millia Rage is a women character with blue eyes and long hair. She is very fast and aggressive.
B Ky Kiske
 Ky Kiske
 Ky Kiske is a men character with blonde hair and blue eyes. The character is versatile and simple with solid tools for any time and situation.
B I-No
 I-No is a woman character with green eyes and a mole near her lips. The character has a special projectile that can be controlled mid-flight.
BHappy Chaos
Happy Chaos
Happy Chaos is a men character with blue skin, black nails, medium-length grey hair. The primary feature of the character is rescent Moon revolver.
Faust is a tall man with a thin body. The character is tricky with many unusual setups and attacks.


C-TIER list of the game defines the Good Character of the game but is not as good as B-TIER:

CGoldlewis Dickinson
Goldlewis Dickinson
Goldlewis Dickinson is a very professional and reliable person. The character is a close-range powerhouse and has several options to hit the target from far.
Jack-O is a woman character with red hair and green eyes. The character is has a unique ability that consists of summoning minions and commanding them to send in various directions like a projectile.
CAnji Mito
Anji Mito
Anji Mito is a muscular man character with black eyes and short hair. The character is a well-rounded character with a few quirks that set him different from other players.

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