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Elden Ring Spells Tier List 2022



Elden Ring Spells Tier List

You can choose the best Spells from various and I am definitely sure that it’s very complicated to select the best Spells, Selecting the best spells is complicated and dependent on the types of builds you are looking for. Don’t worry, here I am going to make your task easy. You can use our Elden Ring Spells Tier List to choose the best Spells.

Elden Ring Spells Tier List

Elden Ring Spells Tier List

I have divided the Elden Ring Spells Tier List into 7 categories such as S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, D-Tier, E-Tier and F-Tier. We have given a rank to each category so you can easily choose the best Spells in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Spells S-Tier

S-TIER list of the game that defines the Best Spells:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Black BladeIncantationMagic
Burn O Flame!IncantationFire
Carian RetaliationSorceryDebuff
Comet AzurSorceryMagic
Death LightningIncantationBlight
Elden StarsIncantationMagic
Eternal DarknessSorceryDebuff
Flame FortificationIncantationFire, Buff
Fortissax’s Lightning SpearIncantationLightning
Golden VowIncantationBuff
Placidusax’s RuinIncantationMagic
Protection of the ErdtreeIncantationBuff
Ranni’s Dark MoonSorceryDebuff
Rykard’s RancorSorceryMagic
Scarlet AeoniaIncantationScarlet Rot
The Flame of FrenzyIncantationFire, Madness

Elden Ring Spells A-Tier

A-TIER list of the game defines the Top Spells of the game but is not as good as S-TIER:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Agheel’s FlameIncantationFire
Ambush ShardSorceryMagic
Assassin’s ApproachIncantationBuff
Divine FortificationIncantationHoly, Buff
Ekzykes’s DecayIncantationScarlet Rot
Electrify ArmamentIncantationBuff, Lightning
Flame Grant me StrengthIncantationFire, Buff
Flame Protect MeIncantationFire, Buff
Frozen ArmamentSorceryFrostbite, Buff
Glintstone ArcSorceryMagic
Gravity WellSorceryMagic
Great HealIncantationHeal
Lansseax’s GlaiveIncantationLightning
Law of RegressionIncantationHeal
Lightning SpearIncantationLightning
Litany of Proper DeathIncantationHoly
Lord’s AidIncantationHeal, Bleed, Sleep, Poison
Loretta’s GreatbowSorceryMagic
Magic GlintbladeSorceryMagic
Order’s BladeIncantationBuff, Holy
Terra MagicusSorceryBuff
Theodorix’s MagmaIncantationFire
Unseen BladeSorceryBuff
Urgent HealIncantationHeal
Vyke’s DragonboltIncantationBuff, Lightning
Whirl O Flame!IncantationFire
Wrath of GoldIncantationMagic

Elden Ring Spells B-Tier

B-TIER list of the game defines the Good Spells but is not as good as A-TIER:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Barrier of GoldIncantation Magic, Buff
Bestial ConstitutionIncantation Heal, Bleed
Black FlameIncantation Fire
Black Flame BladeIncantation Fire, Buff
Black Flame RitualIncantation Fire
Bloodflame BladeIncantation Fire, Buff, Bleed
Borealis’s MistIncantation Frostbite
Carian PhalanxSorceryMagic
Carian SlicerSorceryMagic
DragoniceIncantation Frostbite
Flame Cleanse MeIncantation Fire, Heal, Poison
Founding Rain of StarsSorceryMagic
Glintblade PhalanxSorceryMagic
Glintstone IcecragSorceryFrostbite
Glintstone PebbleSorceryMagic
Golden Lightning FortificationIncantation Lightning, Buff
Great Glintstone ShardSorceryMagic
Gurranq’s Beast ClawIncantation Magic
Howl of ShabririIncantation Debuff, Madness
Immutable ShieldIncantation Buff
Law of CausalityIncantation Buff
Lightning FortificationIncantation Lightning, Buff
Lightning StrikeIncantation Lightning
Lord’s Divine FortificationIncantation Buff, Holy
Lord’s HealIncantation Heal
Magic FortificationIncantation Magic, Buff
Meteorite of AstelSorceryMagic
Rotten BreathIncantation Scarlet Rot
Scholar’s ArmamentSorceryMagic, Buff
Smarag’s Glintstone BreathIncantation Magic
Star ShowerSorceryMagic
Stone of GurranqIncantation Magic
Surge O Flame!Incantation Fire
Swift Glintstone ShardSorceryMagic

Elden Ring Spells C-Tier

C-TIER list of the game defines the Average Spells of the game:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Blessing of the ErdtreeIncantationHeal
Crystal ReleaseSorceryMagic
Crystal TorrentSorceryMagic
Cure PoisonIncantationHeal, Poison
Erdtree HealIncantationHeal
Explosive GhostflameSorceryFire
Flame of the Fell GodIncantationFire
Glintstone CometshardSorceryMagic
Glintstone StarsSorceryMagic
Greyoll’s RoarIncantationDebuff
Loretta’s MasterySorceryMagic
LuciditySorceryHeal, Sleep, Madness
Magma BreathIncantationFire
Scholar’s ShieldSorceryBuff
Stars of RuinSorceryMagic
Unseen FormSorceryBuff

Elden Ring Spells D-Tier

D-TIER list of the game defines the Below Average Spells of the game:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Ancient Death RancorSorceryMagic
Blessing’s BoonIncantationHeal
Bloodflame TalonsIncantationFire, Bleed
Collapsing StarsSorceryMagic
Crystal BarrageSorceryMagic
Discus of LightIncantationMagic
Dragonbolt BlessingIncantationLightning, Buff
Fire’s Deadly SinIncantationFire
Freezing MistSorceryFrostbite
Frozen Lightning SpearIncantationFrostbite, Lightning
Magic DownpourSorceryMagic
Night CometSorceryMagic
Night Maiden’s MistSorceryMagic
Pest ThreadsIncantationScarlet Rot
Poison ArmamentIncantationPoison, Buff
Shadow BaitIncantationDebuff
Shattering CrystalSorceryMagic
Thops’s BarrierSorceryDebuff
Triple Rings of LightIncantationMagic
Zamor Ice StormSorceryFrostbite

Elden Ring Spells E-Tier

E-TIER list of the game defines the Weak Spells of the game:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Adula’s MoonbladeSorceryFrostbite
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning SpearIncantationLightning
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning StrikeIncantationLightning
Aspect of the Crucible BreathIncantationFire
Aspect of the Crucible TailIncantationMagic
Aspects of the Crucible HornsIncantationMagic
Black Flame’s ProtectionIncantationFire, Buff
Cannon of HaimaSorceryMagic
Carian PiercerSorceryMagic
Flame Fall Upon ThemIncantationFire
Gavel of HaimaSorceryMagic
Gelmir’s FurySorceryFire
Giantsflame Take TheeIncantationFire
Glintstone BreathIncantationMagic
Great Oracular BubbleSorceryMagic
Greatblade PhalanxSorceryMagic
Noble PresenceIncantationMagic
Order HealingIncantationHeal, Blight
Radagon’s Rings of LightIncantationMagic
Scouring Black FlameIncantationFire
Shard SpiralSorceryMagic
Tibia’s SummonsSorceryMagic
Unendurable FrenzyIncantationFire

Elden Ring Spells F-Tier

F-TIER list of the game defines the Worst Spells:

SpellsSpell Type Damage Type
Beast ClawIncantationMagic
Bestial SlingIncantationMagic
Bestial VitalityIncantationHeal
Briars of PunishmentSorceryMagic
Briars of SinSorceryMagic
Carian GreatswordSorceryMagic
Catch FlameIncantationFire
Crystal BurstSorceryMagic
Fia’s MistSorceryFrostbite, Blight
Flame SlingIncantationFire
Frenzied BurstIncantationFire
Honed BoltIncantationLightning
Inescapable FrenzyIncantationDebuff, Madness
Magma ShotSorceryFire
Night ShardSorceryMagic
O Flame!IncantationFire
Oracle BubblesSorceryMagic
Poison MistIncantationPoison
Rock BlasterSorceryMagic
Rock SlingSorceryMagic
Roiling MagmaSorceryFire
Shatter EarthSorceryMagic
Swarm of FliesIncantationBleed

That’s all about Elden Ring Spells Tier List. If you are looking for the other Tier List then don’t forget to see Mirage Memorial Tier List and Grand Chase Tier List.

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