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Echoes of Mana Tier List – All Characters Ranked & Reroll Guide



Echoes of Mana Tier List

Here on this page we have shared a well researched Echoes of Mana Tier List that will help you to select the best character in the game that will increase your chance of winning the game.

This is a great action based role playing game that was based on the mana series, as there are huge no. of characters available in the game which means it is very difficult for the players to choose the best characters and there comes our well researched character tier list that will help you choose the best characters.

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Echoes of Mana Tier List

Echoes of Mana Characters Ranked Wise

We have deveided the list into six different categories where characters falls in S tier are the best one and those who are from F category should be avoided.

SShiloh (Dark Sword), Popoi (Fire Boomerang)
AAngela (Water Staff), Sumo (Light Sword)
BRiesz (Wind Polearm), Duran (Earth Sword)
CSerafina (Earth Bow), Ferrik (Earth Sword), Ludgar (Dark Glove), Randi (Light Sword), Charlotte (Light Flail), Amanda (Wind Knife), Lekius (Fire Bow)
DSerafina (Water Polearm, Julius (Fire Staff), Popoi (Earth Bow)
FDark Lord (Dark Sword), Primm (Water Glove), Sierra (Light Knife), Angela (Fire Staff), Riesz (Water Polearm), Hawkeye (Dark Knight), Niccolo (Wind Glove), Thanatos (Dark Staff), Sumo (Water Polearm), Wanderer (Earth Polearm), Kevin (Earth Clove), Lekius (Water Bow), Shiloh (Light Axe), Duran (Fire Sword)

Echoes of Mana Reroll Guide

Echoes of Mana Reroll Guide
  • First you need to launch the game and then need to clear the tutorial stage and try to skipp where its possible.
  • Then you need to perform the free pull and finish your team building tutorial.
  • Once done with the control now you can claim your log-in bonuses and pre-registration rewards from the mailbox.
  • Then in the rate up banner you need to perform two ten-pull summons.
  • Then will find an arrow on the right side of the banner page so that you can change it to general banner and able to use your four star ticket.
  • Now if you do not get the desired character then return to the tittle screen with the help of the menu button.
  • The on the bottom right corner of the screen you will find delete data option so simply use that button to delete the saved file.
  • Now you only have to perform the same process until you get your desired character.
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