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Dragalia Lost Tier List (October 2022) – Every Characres Ranked Wise

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Dragalia Lost Tier List

Dragalia Lost is an amazing role-playing action game that has interesting characters, and gacha elements also you will encounter a dragon in this game that is really adorable as well as powerful. So this gives you an experience of an exciting world and vast story.

Teamwork is one of the very important elements of the game and the game has many different characters in the game and different characters have their different abilities in the Dragalia Lost game.

So after creating your unique avatar you have to form your own unique units that require you to complete quests, dungeons, or raids. Also, there are various weapons and armors in the game that you can use in the game.

You can find different leagues in the game that you can join and compete against your opponents so for these things in the game you need to have a good team with great characters and because of huge no. of characters it becomes very difficult for the players to select the best characters but here we will help you with the Dragalia Lost Tier List that you can check below.

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Dragalia Lost Tier List

Dragalia Lost

We have divided the characters into five different tiers that are from Tier S to Tier D where S Tier includes the best characters of the game and opposite to that D Tier has the lowest performers of the Dragalia Lost game.

Dragalia Lost Fire Tier List

SEzelith, Gala Leonidas, Gala Mym, Halloween Lowen, Marth
AArmored Yachiyo, Emma, Euden, Gala Laxi, Halloween Mym, Mikoto, Naveed, Nobunaga, Panther, Seimei, Valentine’s Hildegarde, Yukata Cassandra
BChelsea, Chrom, Faris, Karl, Kimono Elisanne, Nadine, Ramona, Rena, Serena, Student Maribelle, Verica, Xania
CAlain, Aoi, Gala Sarisse, Hunter Berserker, Incognito Nefaria, Joe, Kuzunoha, Laxi, Lea, Mega Man, Renelle, Sinoa, Valentine’s Ezelith, Valentine’s Orion, Vanessa, Xuan Zang, Yuya
DAurien, Marty, Melsa, Yue

Dragalia Lost Water Tier List

SGala Elisanne, Karina, Lapis, Mitsuba, Summer Celliera, Xander
AElisanne, Humanoid Mercury, Hunter Sarisse, Jiang Ziya, Laranoa, Lazry, Lily, Pipple, Tiki, Xainfried, Yoshitsune
BCatherine, Eugene, Finni, Fjorm, Halloween Akasha, Nurse Aeleen, Orsem, Pinon, Summer Julietta, Valerio, Yurius
CCelliera, Dragonyule Cleo, Dragonyule Xander, Forager Cleo, Gauld, Halloween Odetta, Jakob, Jurota, Luther, Renee, Rex, Ricardt, Summer Estelle, Thaniel, Zardin
DCibella, Dragonyule Nefaria, Pietro, Waike

Dragalia Lost Wind Tier List

TierDragalia Lost character
SGala Leif, Humanoid Midgardsormr, Lowen
AAkasha, Dragonyule Xainfried, Formal Noelle, Gala Notte, Gala Ranzal, Grimnir, Hawk, Kimono Luca, Lin You, Mona, Noelle, Saiga, Sylas, Templar Hope, Tobias, Wedding Elisanne
BChelsea, Forager Mitsuba, Formal Joachim, Halloween Melsa, Kirsty, Louise, Maribelle, Meene, Melody, Ranzal, Su Fang, Summer Norwin, Summer Sinoa, Valentines Melody, Victor, Wedding Aoi, Wedding Xania
CAddis, Joachim, Ku Hai, Musashi, Myriam, Summer Amane
DAeleen, Eleonora, Francesca, Johanna, Nicolas, Philia, Pia, Sophie

Dragalia Lost The Light Tier List

TierDragalia Lost character
SGala Luca, Gala Prince, Gala Zena, Ilia, Mitsuhide, Pecorine, Peony, Ryszarda
AAlbert, Alfonse, Chitose, Dragonyule Malora, Halloween Elisanne, Hunter Vanessa, Lucretia, Sophia, Yukata Curran, Zhu Bajie
BAmane, Annelie, Eirene, Fleur, Hildegarde, Julieta, Radiant Xuan Zang, Sha Wujing, Sharena, Sharpshooter Joe, Summer Cleo, Summer Luca, Xiao Lei, Yachiyo
CBeautician Zardin, Fritz, Halloween Althemia, Halloween Edward, Hanabusa, Luca, Mordecai, Odetta, Ryozen, Summer Mikoto, Vixel, Wu Kong
DElias, Estelle, Felicia, Hope, Irfan, Linus, Malka, Malora, Raemond, Rawn

Dragalia Lost Shadow Tier List

TierDragalia Lost character
SAlberius, Bellina, Gala Alex, Gala Chelle, Grace, Patia, Veronica
ACleo, Curran, Delphi, Forte, Gala Cleo, Joker, Lathna, Natalie, Summer Patia
BAldred, Althemia, Audric, Botan, Dragonyule Victor, Heinwald, Ieyasu, Kleimann, Linnea, Nefaria, Rodrigo, Summer Verica, Valentine’s Addis, Vania, Vice, Yaten, Zena
CAlex, Berserker, Cassandra, Chelle, Durant, Erik, Nevin, Opera Karina, Orion, Sazanka, Taro
DEdward, Norwin, Vida, Zace

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