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Diablo Immortal Tier List (November 2022) – Best Classes Ranked Wise



Diablo Immortal Tier List

Here on this page, we have shared the most updated and well-researched diablo immortal tier list that can help you choose the best class of the game so that it will increase your chance to win the game.

As the game is quite tough to play, it becomes very important to select the best character for the game then only you will be able to defeat your enemies. Also, we all know that skills matter the most but if you play with low performer characters with good skills then your chances are low of winning the battle.

But at the same time if you play the game with good skills and good characters the chances are very high that you would win the game and that’s why it is very important to choose the best characters. Now without any further ado let’s check out the Diablo Immortal Tier List.

Diablo Immortal Tier List

Diablo Immortal Tier List

So we have divided the tier list into three different tier lists that is from Tier S to Tier B where you will find the best class in tier S and low performing class in Tier B. Even we have mentioned the according to different modes.

Demon HunterBSSS

Tier S – Tier S contains the best classes of the game with the best performance stats.

Tier A – Tier A contains the class that has average characters you has average performance stats.

Tier B – Tier B contains the worst performer class of the game and you should only go with them if you have no other option.

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