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Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems Tier List



There are various different Legendary Gems available in the Diablo Immortal game that has the ability to give great resonance, unique effects, and combat rating. But the problem here is that players do not have the proper idea about the games and on which gems they should invest and turn into gem power.

And that’s why we have created this well-researched and most updated Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems Tier List that will help all the players to select the best gems that will be worst investing their time and effort.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems Tier List

We have divided all the gems into four different Tiers and three different stars that will help you select the best one. 1 Star gems are the most abundant ones and can find easily whereas 5 Star gems are the rarest ones and it will be quite difficult to find them.

S TierEverlasting Torment1 Star
A TierBerserker’s Eye1 Star
A TierTrickshot Gem1 Star
A TierChained Death1 Star
A TierCa’arsen’s Invigoration1 Star
B TierSeled’s Wealening1 Star
B TierZod Stone1 Star
B TierThe Black Rose1 Star
B TierRespite Stone1 Star
C TierPain of Subjugation1 Star
C TierLo’s Focused Gaze1 Star
C TierDefiant Soul1 Star
C TierNightmare Wreath1 Star
C TierMocking Laughter1 Star
S TierPower & Command2 Star
S TierFervant Fang2 Star
A TierBloody Reach2 Star
A TierCutthroat’s Grin2 Star
A TierLightning Core2 Star
B TierThe Hunger2 Star
B TierBattleguard2 Star
C TierUnity Crystal2 Star
S TierBlood-Soaked Jade5 Star
S TierSeeping Bile5 Star
A TierBlessing of the Worthy5 Star
A TierChip of Stone Flesh5 Star
B TierFrozen Heart5 Star
B TierPhoenix Ashes5 Star
B TierHowler’s Call5 Star
C TierEchoing Shade5 Star

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