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Demonfall Family Tier List (October 2022)

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Demonfall Family Tier List

Demonfall is an interesting Roblox game that has made available a variety of choices for their players like what kind of breathing technique you want to choose, Also you have the option to either become a slayer or demon and also the family selection.

But the selection process of the family is a little different where it was not on your hand as it is an automated process but you are quite lucky then you will be assigned to the best family of your choice otherwise you have rerolled again and once you get your best family go with them.

But there are many players who are facing problems selecting the best family for them, and there comes our well-researched Demonfall Family Tier List that you can check to select the best family that will eventually increase your chance of winning in the game.

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Demonfall Family Tier List

Check out the Tier List and select the best family among all available 12 families and more families are about to come in the game. We have divided the Tiers into 5 different Tiers from S to D.

Demonfall S Tier Family

S Tier family is the strongest one among all the families.

KamandoGet +20% EXP, Able to get Sun Breath faster 
KanrojiDeal +20% extra damage.

Demonfall A Tier Family

This one is also great if you are not getting S Tier family.

TokitoGet +10% more XP, Get Moon Breathing (if Demon)

Demonfall B Tier Family

Demonfall B Tier Family is an average rating family.

TomiokaWater Breathing (11th form), Shoulder Bash & Lunge (when Spawn)
AgatsumaBerserk state for 45sec (Once down), +50% Damage & 20% more health
Rengoku+20% Flames damage, Flames as 9th form

Demonfall C Tier Family

Demonfall Family Tier C is a below-average one.

ShinazugawaAttract Demons (If Demon), 25% faster stomach drain & health regeneration
Hashibira-10% stomach drain, +10% health regen.
KochoCan deal Poise attack in close range

Demonfall D Tier Family

You should avoid D Tier Family of Demonfall as they are not up to the mark.

Ubuyashiki+10% EXP, 2SP (When Spawn)
HimejimaExtra 30% health (After buff)
IguroDash mastery, +2 Walk speed buff
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