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D3 Season 26 Tier List – Best Solo Class Builds



D3 Season 26 Tier List

Here on this page, we have published a well-researched D3 Season 26 Tier List that will help you select the best characters in the game that will eventually increase your chance of winning in the game.

It doesn’t matter you are a pro or a newbie to the game whenever an update is rolled out you must check the tier list again as there is a slight in the stats of characters and also class and we update the list so quickly that you can use the list just after the rollout.

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D3 Season 26 Tier List

D3 Season 26

We have divided the tier list into three different categories that is from S to B. Where S stands for the best and B for the worst. And also keep one thing in mind which is any Tier List is not fixed they do get changed with time.

S Tier

All the characters that fall in this tier have the best performance stats and one must not miss them at any cost.

CrusaderAoV Heaven’s Fury
Demon HunterMarauder Sentry
MonkInna Mystic Ally
NecromancerLoD Corpse Explosion
Witch DoctorArachyr Spiders
Witch DoctorZunimassa Poison Dart

A Tier

They are average range characters and the A-Tier builds are considered to be up to 5 GRS behind the S-Tier builds.

BarbarianWaste Whirlwind Rend
BarbarianLoD HotA
BarbarianRaekor Boulder Toss
CrusaderLoN Bombardment
CrusaderInvoke Thorns
CrusaderAkkhan Bombardment
MonkSWK Tempest Rush
MonkPoJ Tempest Rush
MonkLoD Tempest Rush
NecromancerLoD Poison Sythe
NecromancerRathma AotD
Witch DoctorMundunugu Spirit Barrage
Witch DoctorLoN Poison Dart
WizardLoD Hydra
WizardLoD Frozen Orb
WizardVyr Reverse Archon FO
WizardFirebird Explosive Blast
WizardFirebird Flame Blades
WizardVyr Chantodo

C Tier

They are the below-average characters and The B-Tier builds are considered to be up to 10 GRS behind the S-Tier builds.

BarbarianMotE Leapquake
BarbarianSavage Frenzy
BarbarianIK HotA
BarbarianMotE Seismic Slam
CrusaderRoland Sweep
CrusaderSotL Blessed Hammer
CrusaderLoD Blessed Shield
Demon HunterGoD Hungering Arrow
Demon HunterNatalya Rapid Fire
Demon HunterLoD Rapid Fire
Demon HunterShadow Impale
MonkUliana EP
NecromancerInarius Corpse Explosion
NecromancerInarius Poison Scythe
NecromancerMasquerade Bone Spear
Witch DoctorHelltooth Zombie Bears
Witch DoctorJade Harvester
Witch DoctorArachyr Firebats
Witch DoctorLoD Spirit Barrage
WizardTyphon Hydra
WizardDMO Frozen Orb
WizardDMO Twister
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