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Counterside Tier List

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Counterside Tier List

Here on this page we have shared the most updated and well researched counterside tier list where we have mentioned the best characters according to their role and rank in the counterside game.

ZLong Games have developed andpublished Counterside where you will different monsters in the game who you have to defeat in order to progress in the game. So there different counters available in the game who will kill the monsters.

So if you want to save the world against those deadly creatures then you have to have the best team with very powerful characters but at the same time you should also have the best combination of the characters.

So check out the Counterside characters Tier list and create your best team that has the power to survive this horrifying situation.

Counterside Tier List

Counterside characters Tier list

We have divided the characters into 5 different tiers that is from S to D where you find the best performer in the Tier S and in Tier D you will find the lowest performer of the game.

SAwakened Seo Yoon, Administration Rifleman, Rosaria Le Friede, Gaeun Tier, Awakened Lee Sooyeon
AKyle Wong, Janus, Kan Soyoung, Joo Shiyoon, Shin Jia
BTarrasque, Fredrick Doma, Kim Sobin, Eddie Fisher, Assault Trooper, Seo Yoon, Nayuka Minato, John Mason, Rivet, Cathy Wade, Elizabeth Pendragon, Han Sorim, SparroW
CPeacekeeper, Arachne, ATF-35 Thunderbolt
DRifleman, Yoo Mina, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin, Yuna Springfield, Recoiless Gunner, Scout, Yang Hansol, ZSU Shilka, UBGL Rifleman, ATB-1B Spear, Black Tail

Counterside Ranger Tier List

S Kyle Wong, Kim Sobin, Joo Shiyoon.
A Elizabeth Pendragon, Gaeun, Seo Yoon.
B Sparrowx2, Nayuka Minato, Shin Jia, Cathy Wade.
CEddie Fisher, Assault Trooperx3, Yoo Mina, Riflemanx3, Scoutx3, Archenex2, John Mason, Han Sorim, UBGL Riflemanx2.
DPeacekeeperx3, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin, Recoiless Gunnerx2, ZSU Shilka, Black Tail, Yang Hasnol, Yuna Springfield.

Counterside Sniper Tier List

SXiao Lin.
ASylvia Lena Copper, Hayamai Sanae.
BAdamant Sniper, Sweeperx2, Kim Chowon.
CMaya Hunt, Miya, Sniper, Stinger Gunnerx2.
DBuzzard, HM MRLS, Reaper.

Counterside Supporter Tier List

SYang Harim.
AEvelyn Keller, Claudia Nelson.
BNanahara Chinatsu, Arius Esquede, Ironside.
CLee Minseo, Lee Jin, Shim Somi.
DLaura Beatrix.

Counterside Defender Tier List

SIrie Alford, Ryan Ferrier.
BFione Lowell, Benedict Constantine.
CHirose Aki, Strongholdx2, Shiledmanx2, Kim Chulsoo.
DLee Dafoe, Choi Gangsan, Charlie Rockwood, Tommy the Die-Hard, Ogami Masaki.

Counterside Siege Tier List

SChoi Ina.
BGabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker.
CRhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team.
DPZH Mobile Gun.

Counterside Tower Tier List

SChoi Ina.
BGabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker.
CRhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team.
DPZH Mobile Gun.

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