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Bloodborne Weapons Tier List (October 2022)

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Bloodborne Weapons Tier List

On this page, we have shared well researched Bloodborne Weapons Tier List that will help you select the best one so that you can increase the chance of your winning. Bloodborne is a very amazing action role-playing game that is a third-person perspective game. In the game, the character has to make his way through different locations and he has to fight different bosses in order to get access to different items that have so many different uses in the game.

And as I just told you that the character has to fight with different bosses and defeat them in order to progress in the game then he must have to have the best weapon with him so that he can kill the bosses so check out the Below Tier List of Bloodborne Weapons. And also we will update the list when the stats will change.

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Bloodborne Weapons Tier List

Check out the tier list that we have categorized into 4 different categories ranging from S to C, strongest to weakest respectively.

Tier List of Bloodborne

Bloodborne Weapons S Tier

S tier characters are the strongest characters whom you can choose without a second thought.

Whirligig Saw18 pts12 pts
Ludwig’s Holy Blade16 pts12 pts
Hunter Ax9 pts8 pts

Bloodborne Weapons A Tier

Tier A weapons are also good but lack a few things but still are good to go with.

Rakuyo10 pts20 pts
Holy Moonlight Sword16 pts12 pts
Kos Parasite
Burial Blade1020
Blade Of Mercy7 pts11pts

Bloodborne Weapons C Tier

You can find the average weapons here in Tier C List.

Church Pick10 pts14 pts
Bloodletter14 pts6 pts
Chikage9 pts14 pts
Simon’s Bowblade8 pts15 pts

Bloodborne Weapons D Tier

You must avoid Tier D weapons as they are not upto the mark.

Beast Cutter11 pts9 pts
Beast Claw14 pts12 pts
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