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Battle Cats Uber Tier List 2022



Battle Cats Uber Tier List

Do you love Battle Cats? if yes then definitely looking for the all uber-rare cats. It’s very tough to decide which cats are best. That’s why here we are going to share a complete Battle Cats Uber Tier List that will help you to select the best uber cats in the game.

Our Battle Cats Uber Tier List is one of the easiest ways to choose the best uber cats for the game. The game is based on the tower defence and you need to defend your base from enemies with the help of different types of cats. Take the help of Battle Cats Uber Tier List to decide which cats are the best for particular situations.

Battle Cats Uber Tier List

Battle Cats Uber Tier List

Here, you can check our recommended Battle Cats Uber Tier List 2022 divided into six different categories such as S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-TierD-Tier and E-Tier. We have given a rank for each category so you can easily choose the Best Uber Cats for the Battle Cats.

Battle Cats Uber S-TIER

S-TIER list of the game that defines the Best Cats:

  • Immortal Yukimura
  • Immortal Keiji
  • Saber Alter CC
  • Almighty Amaterasu
  • Shishilan Pasalan
  • Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok
  • Jizo’s Mega-Castle
  • Almighty Ganesha
  • Super D-Devil
  • Almighty Aphrodite
  • Almighty Chronos
  • Lufalan Pasalan
  • Divine Kalisa
  • Balrog Cat

Battle Cats Uber A-TIER

A-TIER list of the game defines the Strong Cats of the game but is not as good as S-TIER:

  • Immortal Shingen
  • King Gamereon
  • B.C.S. Tigerclaw
  • The One-Hit Wonders
  • Divine Wendy
  • Divine Thundia
  • Pai-Pai DX
  • Joyful Nurse Cat
  • Holiday Juvens CC
  • Divine Kai
  • Eternal Reika
  • Almighty Poseidon
  • Baseball Mask
  • Super S-Zeus
  • The Peach Devils
  • Dark Subaru CC
  • Immortal Yoshimoto
  • Subterra Sentinels
  • Ganglion the Unleashed
  • Cats in the Cradle
  • Ice Crystal Cat

Battle Cats Uber B-TIER

B-TIER list of the game defines the Good Cats but is not as good as A-TIER:

  • Jester Queen Deale
  • Fox Queen Himeyuri
  • Mystery Catgirl Yuki
  • Ultima Galaxy Cosmo
  • Almighty Zeus
  • Divine Twinstars
  • Crazed Catgirl Yuki
  • The Chaos Moon
  • God-Emperor Vars
  • Lost World Catgirl Yuki
  • Akuma Hayabusa
  • God-Emperor Raiden
  • The Chaos Moon
  • God-Emperor Kamukura
  • Immortal Masamune

Battle Cats Uber C-TIER

C-TIER list of the game defines the Average Cats of the game but is not as good as B-TIER:

  • Section Chief Gravicci
  • Aervanta
  • Divine Coppermine
  • Immortal Kaihime
  • Paladin Cat
  • Naptime Michelia CC
  • Cat Machine Mk 3
  • Bazibastra
  • Immortal Kenshin
  • Immortal Nobunaga
  • Gigavolta
  • God-Emperor Gladios
  • Head Rococo

Battle Cats Uber D-Tier

D-TIER list of the game defines the Below Average Cats of the game:

  • Lasvoss Reborn
  • Cat Quest Heroes
  • God-Emperor Sodom
  • CAT-8 Behemoth
  • God-Emperor Dioramos
  • Mizuririn
  • The Grey Fox
  • Revolutionary Hearscht CC
  • Almighty Anubis
  • Mer-Queen Ruri
  • Kachiyama Assault Brigade
  • Almighty Hades
  • E. Kubilan Pasalan
  • Divine Kuu
  • Opulent Verbena
  • Mystican Pasalan
  • Samba Saki CC
  • Ultralan Pasalan
  • Divine Myrcia
  • Sacred Blade Sakura
  • Piccolan Pasalan
  • Assassinlan Pasalan

That’s all about the Battle Cats Uber Tier List. You can also explore other gamer tier lists like Epic Seven Tier List and Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List.

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