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Awaken Chaos Era Tier List & Reroll Guide



Awaken Chaos Era Tier List & Reroll Guide

Here in this article, we have shared the Awaken Chaos Era Tier List that can help you to select the best heroes who can help you to defeat the dark. Awaken Chaos Era is an RPG game where there is a huge war between light and dark and you are the one who can end this war and can save humanity from the dark.

So let’s enter this awesome world and you have to be the hero that the world wants and we all know how cruel war can be at the same time winning a war cannot be done alone and you need some powerful characters by your side who can help you at every step to win the war.

And fortunately, you have your heroes whom you can choose who will be helping you in the war but among those heroes, some are the ones who can defeat a complete convoy alone but at the other hand few will surrender even before you say charge other than that if you also need Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide we have also mentioned that below.

Meaning Of Tiers

Below we have mentioned the meaning of every Tier so that you can easily evaluate the things.

S-Tier: Super Popular. One whom everyone wants on their land.

A-Tier: A Great Villager. One must not be thinking of leaving them as they are great villagers.

B-Tier: Above Average. With few qualities, they become better than the average one.

C-Tier: Average Villagers.

D-Tier: Below Average. Few in this tier list are okay but most of them you should avoid.

Awaken Chaos Era Tier List

S Tier Heroes List

ZatluxSWoodDragonsclae MarshEpicStrong carry, F2P friendly
GangeloSWoodSoulplundersLegendryDoubles all poison damage. Pair with Santis.
SantisSWaterSylvan WoodlandsEpicBest poison DPS. Pair with Gangelo.
AbaddonSDarkSoulplunderLegendryBest DPS for bosses.
BlackhornSWaterSylvan WoodlandsLegendryBest healer and debuff remover
WilliamSWaterHoly Light EmpireEpicCounterattack and A1 damage.
CiaraSWaterSoulplunderLegendryStrong DPS.
HarkinSWaterTitan IcelandEpicSupport with Defense Aura.
Evelyn FirstdawnSLightLasirLegendryGrants her team an extra turn.
ConnorSFireHoly Light EmpireEliteHealing, Shields, and Attack Up buff.
BrandSFireTitan IcelandLegendrySupport
YolandaSWoodFree CitiesLegendryGuard
MytheasiaSWoodSylvan WoodlandsLegendryHealer with Resurrect.
Corrupt OrakhSDarkCrisasLegendryDPS with True Damage. Very tanky.
ImogenSDarkFree CitiesEpicGreat DPS. Use with William.
NathaliaSWaterFree CitiesEpicGreat DPS. Use with William.
EveraSWoodFree CitiesLegendryGreat DPS. Use with William.

A Tier Heroes List

RickardAWoodTitan IcelandsEpicAoE and True Damage.
Pair with Hakrin
TiaAWaterFree CitiesLegendryCrowd control, freeze. Good for Trial and Void Tower.
AndrAWaterSoulplunderEpicCrowd control, freeze. Good for Trial and Void Tower.
HydrisseaAWaterDragonscale MarshLegendryCrowd control, freeze. Good for Trial and Void Tower.
OrakhAFireCrisasEpicGood DPS.
BalberithAFireDragon ScaleLegendryGood DPS.
JosephAWaterFree CitiesEliteBuffer, can remove debuffs.
ZacharyAFireFree CitiesEliteGood for wave clearing.
ThomasAFireHoly Light EmpireEpicStun and max HP damage.
SiressAFireSylvan WoodlandLegendryDPS, Immune.
ValeriaAFireLasirLegendryAoE damage.
Marian ShadowbloodADarkLasirEpicJoint Attack and True Damage.
UrionALightHoly Light EmpireLegendryTanky DPS.
MeraAWaterTitan IcelandsEpicFreeze.
Crazed UrzagALightCrisasLegendryN/A
Darkened NicklausADarkLasirLegendrySwaps basic and ultimate abilities.
FreyaAWoodLasirEliteGood for water dungeon.
HelmarAWaterSylvan WoodlandsEpicBleeds and Bleed bomb.
VirgilAWaterSylvan WoodlandsEpicN/A
Lightwing ZacharyALightFree CitiesEpicBonus turn (self)
VanceAWoodLasirEpicIgnore all positive effects.
LordrecAWaterTitan IcelandsEpicN/A
AntinuaAWoodSylvan WoodlandsEpicDPS.
MulhexAWaterDragonscale MarshLegendryBruiser.
ZtlinAFireDragonscale MarshLegendrySupport, great for guild boss.
LydiaAWaterHoly light empireLegendryBruiser.
SavannahAWoodDragonscale MarshLegendryDPS
WindstrexAWoodSylvan WoodlandsEpicSpeed and Attack buff, ultimate reset.
AsrinaAFireDragonscale MarshEpicDPS
Celestial KaneALightSylvan WoodlandsEpicN/A

B Tier Heroes List

HasselBFireTitan IcelandsEpicN/A
HughBWoodLasirEpicSpeed Down debuff.
EarendilBWoodSylvan WoodlandsEpicDefense down.
MarianBFireLasirEliteGrants Life Steal to her team.
Lunar MelizzaBLightSylvan WoodlandsEpicN/A
ElsonBFireFree CitiesEliteN/A
HarbegBFireFree CitiesEpicDPS
KaneBWoodSylvan WoodlandsEpicDefense Down.
ValukBWaterSylvan WoodlandsElitePoison damage.
RavynBDarkSoulplundersElitePoison damage.
AbbottBWaterHoly Light EmpireEliteHealer

C Tier Heroes List

JacobCFireHoly Light EmpireEpicStealth (self).
BordenCFireFree CitiesEpicBonus Turn (self).
MelizzaCFireSylvan WoodlandsEpicN/A

D Tier Heroes List

CelineDWaterHoly Light EmpireEliteN/A
CharlesDFireHoly Light EmpireEliteN/A
DulovDWoodHoly Light EmpireEliteN/A
VidarDWoodHoly Light EmpireEliteN/A
CeceDWoodSylvan WoodlandsEliteN/A
KalukDWoodSylvan WoodlandsEliteN/A
RodiraDWoodSylvan WoodlandsEliteN/A
MalukDFireSylvan WoodlandsEliteN/A
TuzagoDWoodTitan IcelandsELiteHealer.
RujagoDWaterTitan IcelandsEliteN/A
MulagoDWaterTitan IcelandsEliteN/A

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide

It is not difficult to perform Awaken Chaos Era Reroll you just have to follow the steps below that we have provided to you.

  • First you need to start the with a guest account.
  • In the next step simply go through the tutorial.
  • Then you can the setting options at the top of the screen hit that button.
  • Then you can see the account tab and there you ahve to select the redemption code.
  • Then you simply have to enter Hello100 and you will be ble to receive 100 summon scrolls.
  • Now you can simply the items from your mail box.
  • Now you can simply repeat the process if you do not like the charater you received and once you received your favorite character then stop the process.
  • Now once done now you easily bind the account with your email id from the accont tab in the setting menu.

You can also check KOF 15 Tier List and Elden Ring Weapon Tier List to see the best character of the game.

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