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Arknights Tier List (December 2022)

Check out the most updated Arknights Tier List where we have mentioned a detailed list to make things easier for you.



Arknights Tier List

Gaming is becoming big and big with each passing day and there are a huge no. of games available in the market that have really great audiences Arknights is one such game that has really great audience and at the same time, the no. of users of Arknights is continuously growing.

When you start with the Arknights you will have to make a squad of different characters who have different strengths and abilities, and this increases the problem of selecting the best heroes for your squad.

And that’s why many people are facing difficulties to select a great squad that will immensely increase their chance of winning the battle to help those people we have created this Arknights Tier List so that you do not have to put your valuable time to do the research and find out the best characters of the game.

Arknights Quick Introduction

Arknights Quick Introduction

In the game you will be playing as a commander and with your leader you will be recruit various characters and trainf them in order to fight with the army of your opponent and defeat them in order to progress in the game.

So basically you will have to save your own base the oppoent team will attack on your base and also save your people and treasure and at the same you also have to attacke the base of your opponent in order to loot there treasure to grow your’s.

Arknights Tier List

Arknights Tier List

Tier List is a great way to know about your characters like where they stands when you compare all of the. And that’s we have made the tier list and divided in five differnet categories that is from tier S to tier D and you can find the best characters in tier S whereas you will find the worst characters in tier D.

Different characetrs are supported for differnet roles and we have devided the characters as per their ability so that you will easily able to form your perfect squad and beat all your enemies.

Arknights Snipers

SArchetto, Exusiai, Rosa, Rosmontis, Schwarz, W
AAndreana, Ash, Blue Poison, Firewatch, Flametta, GreyThroat, Meteorite, Pinecone, Platinum, Provence
BAciddrop, Aosta, April, Executor, May, Sesa, Shirayuki, Toddifons, Vermeil
CAmbriel, Catapult, Fartooth, Jessica, Kroos, Meteor
DAdnachiel, Rangers

Arknights Specialists

SAak, Phantom, Projekt Red, Weedy, Gladiia
ACliffheart, Ethan, FEater, Frost, Gravel, Jaye, Kafka, Manticore, Mizuki, Mr. Nothing, Robin
BRope, Snowsant, Shaw, Waai Fu

Arknights Supporters

SAngelina, Magallan, Scene, Shamare, Suzuran
AGlaucus, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Sora, Skadi the Corrupting Heart
BDeepcolor, Podenco, Roberta, Tsukinogi
CEarthspirit, Orchid

Arknights Medics

SKal’tsit, Shining, Silence, Warfarin
ACeylon, Nightingale, Perfumer, Ptilopsis, Whisperain
BBreeze, Folinic, Gavial, Mulberry, Myrrh, Sussurro, Tuye
CAnsel, Hibiscus, Lancet-2

Arknights Guards

SBlaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Lappland, Mountain, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, Thorns
AAstesia, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flint, Franka, Indra, La Pluma, Pallas, Tequila, Utage, Whislish
BArene, Akafuyu, Beehunter, Conviction, Cutter, Estelle, Flamebringer, Frostleaf, Jackie, Matoimaru, Melantha, Mousse, Savage, Sideroca
CCastle-3, Midnight, Popukar, Swire

Arknights Casters

SCarnelian, Ceobe, Dusk, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Mostima
ACorroserum, Amiya, Absinthe, Beeswax, Gitano, Leonhardt, Mint, Click
BSkyfire, Greyy, Haze, Lava the Purgatory, Passenger
CLava, Nightmare, Steward, Tomimi, Leizi
D12F, Durin

Arknights Defenders

SBlemishine, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, Saria
AAsbestos, Ashlock, Bison, Croissant, Cuora, Nearl, Vulcan
BBubble, Blitz, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Heavyrain, Hung, Matterhorn
CBeagle, Cardigan, Spot
DNoir Corne

Arknights Vanguards

SBagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, Saga, Siege
AFlametail, Reed, Saileach, Texas, Vigna, Zima
BChiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
CBeanstalk, Fang, Plume, Vanilla

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