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7DS Grand Cross Tier List

Check out the update 7DS Grand Cross Tier List where you will find all the characters ranked wise even the special one.

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7DS Grand Cross Tier List

7DS Grand Cross is one of the most amazing RPG games where you will have to take part in the battles and defeat the opponent in order to beat them. The game 7 Deadly Sins have made huge loyal fans and you can see that from the no. of download in the play store which is in millions.

And we have got the idea about our Gacha RPG fans lovers and for them, we bring this 7DS Grand Cross Tier List and also update the out tier list on a regular basis so that you won’t have to do any hard work.

Irrespective of the server you can use this tier list to create your own deadly squad that can destroy the enemy squad. So let’s check out the tier list but before that let’s go through a small introduction of the game for those who are not familiar with the game.

7 Deadly Sins Quick Introduction

7 Deadly Sins Quick Introduction

The holy war that ended three thousand years ago has now begun and which made the continent Britannia comes to life and also the giant demons whom you have to fight in the game and take down in order to grow further in the game.

The game has developed awesome graphics where you can use your own strategies to beat your enemies, and also the game has several different characters with different stats to choose who makes your squad better and more powerful.

7DS Grand Cross Tier List

Seven Deadly Sins Tier List

We have devided the 7DS Grand Cross Tier List in to seven differnet categories from SSR to D where you will find most powerful and rare characters in tier SSR where the D categories characetrs are completely not worth spending time.

SSRRed Tarmiel, Light Eternal Rebirth Elizabeth, Red Purgatory Ban,Dark Traitor Meliodas, Green Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest,
SSBlue Summer Merlin, Green Festival Gowther, Red Terry, Green Brunhild, Green Ram, Blue Escanor, Blue Festival Ludociel, Red Gowther, Red Festival Queen Diane, Blue Fairy King Harlequin, Green Festival Zeldris, Blue Christmas Lillia
SGreen Zaratras, Green Derieri, Blue Festival Cusack, Green Festival Merlin, Blue Ludociel, Blue Milim, Red Excalibur Arthur, Green Haloween Gowther, Green New King Arthur, Red Skadi, Red Haloween Matrona, Blue Meglleda, Green Jormungand, Blue Tarmiel, Red Sariel, Red Sigurd, Blue Emilia, Green Shin, Red Kyo, Green Sariel
ABlue New Wings King, Red Escanor, Red Rem, Blue Chandler, Red Arthur, Red Derieri, Red Shin, Green Awakened Mono, Blue Golden Wings Elaine, Green Escanor, Green Merlin
BRed Hawk & Elizabeth, Red Ragnork Ban, Red Slater, Green Cain, Blue Slater, Green MK-II Valenti, Blue Goddess Elizabeth, Red King, Red Benimaru, Blue Arthur, Green Valenti, Green Assault Mode Meliodas, Red Elaine, Red Oslo and Hawk, Green Athena, Green Estarossa, Green Lillia, Red Merlin, Red Wedding Diane, Green Zaneri, Red Brunhild, Blue Growth, Blue Guardian Jericho, Blue Gilthunder, Red Twigo, Green Shuna, Green Thonar, Green Mono, Blue Elatte, Green Valentine Melascula, Red Elizabeth, Red Halloween Slater, Green Hellbram, Blue Nanshi, Blue Jenna, Red Awakened Eastin, Red Losyvayne Meliodas, Red Ellatte, Red Demon Meliodas, Green Roxy, Green Jericho
CBlue Beatrice, Red Melascula, Blue Nunchunk Ban, Red Jim, Green Princess Elizabeth, Blue Ban, Blue Demon Meliodas, Green Rugal, Green Giant Diane, Green Moonspeet, Green Diane, Blue Eleven, Blue Elaine, Blue Marmas, Green Hawk, Green Jillian, Blue Mai, Red Griamore, Blue Eren, Blue Mono, Blue Hawk & Elizabeth, Blue Valenti, Green Demon Hendrickson, Blue Galland, Blue Fraudrin, Red Zeldris, Blue Derieri, Blue Princess Elizabeth, Blue Drole, Green King, Red Lillia, Green Eastin, Green Drole, Blue King, Blue Summer Roxy, Red Elizabeth
DGreen Halloween Diane, Red Taizo, Green Ruin, Green Gerhard, Red Ban, Red Daldry, Red Golxinia, Red Estarossa, Green Demon Meliodas, Green Lori, Red Dogedo, Red Dreyfus, Green Hugo, Blue Howzer, Red Denzel, Blue Oslo & Hawk, Red Denzel, Blue Mikasa, Green Nunchunk Ban, Red Camila, Red Melidoas, Red Old Fart King, Green Ragnoark Merlin, Red Hawk, Red Daldry, Red Gloxinia, Blue Matrone Diane, Red Jude, Red Jericho, Green Garharde, Blue Weinheidt, Red Monspeet, Red Githunder, Red Levi, Blue Matrona, Red Diane, Green Gustav, Blue Freesia, Blue Golgius, Red Howzer, Red Helbram, Red Christmas Elaine, Red Mono, Red Giant Diane, Red Roxy, Blue Old Fart King, Green Dreyfus, Green Rimuru, Blue Grimoire

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