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What Is Shinazugawa In Project Slayers

In Project Slayers, you can join a clan and the game has different types of clans. Let’s know about Shinazugawa Project Slayers Clan.



What Is Shinazugawa In Project Slayers

Project Slayers is a popular role-playing game (RPG) available on the Roblox platform. You can explore small villages to big cities and forests to mountains.

In Project Slayers, you have two options, one is to become a human or become a demon. If you want to do good work for humanity then choose a human or want to go evil side then choose a demon.

In Project Slayers, you can join a clan that helps to boost their overall stats. The game has different types of clans and here we are going to share a guide on one of those clans named Shinazugawa.

Shinazugawa Project Slayers

Project Slayers has different Clan such as Kamado, Agatsuma, Tomioka, Kocho, Shinazugawa, Ubuyashiki, Kanzaki, Urokodaki, Haganezuka, Kanamori, Nakahara, Terauchi, Takada, Kaneki and many other clan. Each Clan has different stats and opportunities in the game to better perform.

Shinazugawa Project Slayers

Shinazugawa is one of the legendary clan for players who want to damage demons. If you are a Shinazugawa member then demon will slowing down for 7 second, if demon will drink your blood. It will make poisonous blood and also removes half of a demon’s HP, if demon will try to drink blood and grip your body.

Some other abilities will you get if you have Shinazugawa in Project Slayers. We have listed other benefits of the clan below:

  • Receive Pain Resistance that helps to prevent from being slowed down when you will have low on health.
  • If you will be in a party with a Tokito or Himejima Clan member then you will get 5% increase in Stamina Regeneration speed and 10% Strenght Buff.
  • Get 5% faster Regeneration speed and .3 buff to Weapon Mastery.
  • Shinazugawa Clan member will gain +1 Sword, +2 Strength, +2 Weapon, +30 Stamina, +85 Health and +2 Block Bar.

We hope this guide will helps you to know everything about Shinazugawa Project Slayers Clan. You can also explore other guides of the game such as Climb Walls In Project Slayers and Breathing Styles In Project Slayers.

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