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Roblox Blox Fruits Map Complete Guide

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Roblox Blox Fruits Map Complete Guide

Blox Fruits is a fantastic Roblox game based on the famous One Piece Anime. So your main task in the game is to fight with your enemies and defeat them. In the game, you also can choose your character like a Pirate.

And then your task is to collect all the devil fruits that are available in the game that will help you to become the best Marine or Pirate. One more thing to remember is as you progress through the game that starting Islands will stop giving you a good amount of XP.

And then in order to get high XP you have to move to other Islands in the game. And if you are facing problems getting to that Island then we have a complete map of Blox Fruits Roblox and with the help of that, you will be able to reach the new Island.

Roblox Blox Fruits Map Complete Guide

So on your first Island in the Blox Fruits game, you will find a huge board and on the board, you will find so many different locations on that, and that board is actually the complete Map of Roblox Blox Fruits game.

So when looking at the Map you will find seven different locations on it and some of them have certain numbers on them. And the one with two swords and a single skull on it was the starting Island.

And you will find all the places in the exact positions as they are on the Map, and the number on them indicates that on what level you should be before you can enter the Island. Check out the Map of Roblox Blox Fruits below.

  • Starter Island – 0 to 10 Level Required
  • Jungle – 15 to 30 Level Required
  • Pirate Village – 30 to 60 Level Required
  • Desert – 60 to 90 Level Required
  • Middle Island – 100 Level Required
  • Frozen Village – 90 to 120 Level Required
  • Marine Fortress – 120 to 150 Level Required
  • Skylands – 150 to 200 Level Required
  • Prison – 190 to 275 Level Required
  • Colosseum – 225 to 300 Level Required
  • Magma Village – 300 Level Required
  • Underwater City – 374 to 450 Level Required
  • Fountain City – 625 to 700 Level Required

You will also find other maps in the game but for that, you first have to complete the particular map so nice you will reach the end you will get access to another map. In total, you will find 3 different seas in the game.

So in order to reach the second map, you have to reach the 700th level and simultaneously you have to complete the military detective’s quest at Impel Down. And then for the 3rd sea, you have to reach the level of 1500th and complete King Red Head’s quest located underneath the Colosseum.

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