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How To Get Struck By Lightning In Bloxburg

Here on this page, we have shared a well-researched guide on how to get struck by lightning in Bloxburg to get the Bloxburg LIGHTNING TROPHY so read the complete guide and get the answers to your questions.



How To Get Struck By Lightning In Bloxburg

Welcome To Bloxburg is a very famous Roblox Role-Playing Simulation game where you will be performing day to day activities in a fictional city it has billions of visits even though users have to pay 25 Robux for the game which shows the popularity and awesomeness of the game.

You will find many different updates in the game that will make the users very excited and in one of such update developers have added Struck By Lightning Trophy that you will get when get struck by lighting that many users find a bit problematic and that why here we have shares the guide on how to get struck by lightning trophy in Bloxburg.

How To Get Struck By Lightning In Bloxburg

How To Get Struck By Lightning Trophy In Bloxburg
Source – Cyder

Paid Method

If you have enough Robux then just pay 149 Robux and then go to your neighbourhood setting where you will find the weather setting and there you have to choose the Thunderstorm setting once you done that it immediately start raining and thunderstorming.

And if you have a car in the game it will be great for you as you can immediately go to the place where there are more lighting then other places or you can also just stand still and wait for the lightning to hit you.

But as the map is so big and chances of getting hit by lightning is so low we have a special method for you try to see the from the above and find a place where lightning is striking more often and then just drive to that place.

Free Method
Source – Cyder

Free Method

Other than that we also have a cheaper method for you but that is quite harder and all you need to do is go to server tab underneath the Bloxburg main menu and then scroll down until you see different servers and then click on any one that are open or you can also keep clicking the green play button until you find a server where its lightning.

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