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Roblox Speed Champions Codes (August 2022)

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Speed Champions Codes

Speed Champions is an interesting Roblox game developed by Incentive Team which is a racing game where your main task is to increase your speed by gaining steep levelling up in the game. And then use that speed to beat your opponent and win the race to become the fastest.

You also have the option to sell your steps for coins and later use those coins to upgrade your boots, energies, and classes. There are awesome pets in the game that you can own and for that, you need gems that you can earn by completing courses and winning races. So let’s see whether you can beat all the opponents and reach the top of the tally.

Also, we have mentioned updated codes below for you that will help you to get a boost in the game by getting free coins and gems, so use the latest codes and level up faster in the Speed Champions.

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Roblox Speed Champions Codes

Speed Champions Codes

All the below active codes are working properly but if you find any of them not working properly do let us know so that we can update the list for all our users.

Active Codes

  • Emerald—Redeem for Hybrid Charms (New)
  • Luck—Redeem or Hybrid Charms (New)
  • AutoSell—Redeem for an Auto Sell Boost (New)
  • MoreCharms—Redeem for free rewards (New)
  • RebirthUpdate—Redeem for a Coin Boost
  • RandomPet—Redeem for a random Pet
  • SpeedyGang—Redeem for 500k Coins and 250k Gems
  • Coinsss—Redeem for 5m Coins
  • Gemsss—Redeem for 5m Gems
  • LuckCharms—Redeem for a Luck Boost
  • AutoTrain—Redeem for 10 minutes of Auto-Train
  • QuestUpdate—Redeem for free rewards
  • SpeedyBoi—Redeem for a 10 minute Speed Boost
  • UpdateWednesday—Redeem for 10 minute auto-train
  • MegaBoost—Redeem for a 30 minute Coin Boost and 30 minute Gem Boost
  • NewUpdate—Redeem for a 60 minute Coin Boost
  • SpeedChampions—Redeem for a 60 minute Gems Boost
  • TrainingMode—Redeem for an Auto-Train Boost


  • AustinChallengesYT Pet: Sub2AustinChallengesYT
  • GrumpyGravy Pet: Sub2GrumpyGravy
  • Fraser2TheMax Pet: F2TM
  • SnugLife Pet: Sub2SnugLife
  • TheCookie Pet: Sub2TheCookie
  • DefildPlays Pet: Sub2DefildPlays
  • SchizelPops Pet: Sub2SCHIZELpops
  • RazorFishGaming Pet: Sub2RazorFishGaming
  • CDTV Pet: sub2cdtv
  • RussoPlays Pet: Sub2RussoPlays


  • Coins & Gems: FridayUpdate
  • Free Gems: FreeGems
  • Coins & Gems: Frosty
  • Coins & Gems: Godly
  • Coins & Gems: Release
  • 10k Likes Pet: 10KLIKES

How To Redeem Roblox Speed Champions Codes

Below you can check the simple steps on how you can redeem the codes.

  • The first thing you need to do is boot up your Speed Champions game on your mobile or on your PC.
  • Once you are in the game you can see a Twitter icon on top of the screen.
  • Then you have to copy a code from the list we have provided to you, as the codes are case sensitive make sure you use the exact codes we have provided.
  • Now on your screen, you can see a box where you have to type codes that you have just copied.
  • And at last, simply hit the enter button and get your reward.
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