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Roblox Retro TDS Codes (September 2022)

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Roblox Retro TDS Codes

Roblox Retro TDS Codes are now available here to redeem and get some exclusive rewards like Cash and other rewards. If you want to get the working code for the game then you need to see this post. Here, we are going to share all working codes for Retro TDS.

Retro TDS is one of the best Roblox games available with a server size of 15. In this game, you can explore the map with friends and team up with them to destroy countless waves of Zombies, level up by fighting with bosses, earn coins and buy new towers.

Roblox Retro TDS Codes

Here, you can find all the active codes for the Retro TDS game. You need to copy the same code mentioned below to redeem successfully. If you have copied the expired code and trying to redeem the code then you can not redeem it. Follow the simple steps to redeem the code and get rewards.

Active Code

All the active code for the game is mentioned below:

  • Bugged—Redeem for 500 Cash (New)
  • BOOM!—Redeem for free 250 Cash

Expired Code

All the expired codes for the game mentioned below:

  • Distances – Redeem for free rewards
  • verycoolcode – Redeem for free rewards
  • DAY3HYPE – Redeem for 150 Coins
  • HappyBDAYBelow – Redeem for 250 Coins
  • 2021 – Redeem for 100 Coins
  • WEOUTHEREEEE!!! – Redeem for free rewards
  • whenpart2 – Redeem for free rewards
  • Valentines – Redeem for 150 Coins
  • 30k – Redeem for 150 Coins
  • NORMAL – Redeem for 150 Coins
  • FIREDUP – Redeem for 100 Coins
  • BACKONLINE – Redeem for free rewards
  • SKILLISSUE – Redeem for 100 Coins
  • burrito Redeem for 500 Coins

How To Redeem Roblox Retro TDS Codes?

Roblox Retro TDS Codes

All the expired codes for Retro TDS are mentioned below:

Step 1 – Start the game

Step 2 – Click on the Shop icon

Step 3 – Copy the working Code from the given list above

Step 4 – Enter working code in the Text box

Step 5 – Click on the Redeem button to get rewards.

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