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Roblox Ninja Legends Codes (September 2022) – Free Gems, Chi, & More

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Roblox Ninja Legends Codes

With our Roblox Ninja Legends Codes, you will be able to get free rewards and some awesome freebies that will help you get a slight advantage in the game by getting some awesome powers.

In Roblox Ninja Legends you will have to Swing and slash to win Ninjitsu and later on, you can sell that Ninjitsu in exchange for coins and once you have enough coins you can use them for items, Skills, and double jumps.

And once you reach the higher levels of the game with the help of your jumping abilities stronger pets and currencies will be available to you. And if you want to gain more power and abilities then you can also rebirth your character and then you can fight to become the strongest player.

Roblox Ninja Legends Codes

Below we have mentioned both the expired and active codes of Ninja Legends which you can check and if you find any codes which are not working do let us know so that we can update the list and can make this a better source for all the enthusiastic gamers.

Chi Codes

Auto Train

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: epictrain15
  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: roboninja15

Gem Codes

  • 500 Gems: christmasninja500

Chi Codes

  • 15k Chi: zenmaster15K
  • 5k Chi: innerpeace5k
  • 10k Chi: skyblades10K
  • 2000 Chi: darkelements2000
  • 1000 Chi: silentshadows1000
  • 5k Chi: omegasecrets5000
  • 10k Chi: ultrasecrets10k
  • 750 Chi: elementmaster750
  • 1,000 Chi: secretcrystal1000
  • 750 Chi: skymaster750
  • 1200 Chi: legends700m
  • 500 Chi: dojomasters500
  • 750 Chi: dragonlegend750
  • 500 Chi: zenmaster500
  • 500 Chi: epicelements500
  • 500 Chi: goldninja500
  • 500 Chi: goldupdate500
  • 1000 Chi: legends500m
  • 500 Chi: senseisanta500
  • 500 Chi: blizzardninja500
  • 500 Chi: mythicalninja500
  • 500 Chi: legendaryninja500
  • 500 Chi: shadowninja500
  • 1100 Chi: legends200M
  • 500 Chi: epicflyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: flyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: dragonwarrior500
  • 300 Chi: swiftblade300
  • 250 Chi: DesertNinja250
  • 100 Chi: fastninja100
  • 250 Chi: epicninja250
  • 1000 Chi: masterninja750

Soul Codes

  • 20 Souls: sparkninja20
  • 5 Souls: soulhunter5


These are codes that were previously available but have expired!

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: autotrain15
  • 500 Chi: epicsensei500
  • 100 Coins: launch100

Steps To Redeem Ninja Legends Codes

Steps To Redeem Ninja Legends Codes

You just need to follow the below steps and you will be able to redeem the codes for Ninja Legends Roblox.

  • The first thing you need to do is boot up your Ninja Legends game on your mobile or on your PC.
  • Once you are in the game you can see the Codes button on top of the screen.
  • Then you have to copy a code from the list we have provided to you, as the codes are case sensitive make sure you use the exact codes we have provided.
  • Now on your screen, you can see a box where you have to type codes that you have just copied.
  • And at last, simply hit the enter button and get your reward.

As all the codes that we have provided to you are case sensitive so do make sure you use the codes we have provided in the above list otherwise the codes will not going to work and you will not get the rewards and freebies.

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