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Roblox Anime Rifts Codes (July 2022)

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Roblox Anime Rifts Codes

New Roblox Anime Rifts Codes are available here to redeem and get some exciting rewards like x2 boosts for 30 Mins and more. You can use this code to unlock various opportunities to go one step further in the game.

Anime Rifts

Roblox Anime Rifts Codes

Anime Rifts was developed by Adventures Unleashed. The game belongs to the Adventure category. You can obtain a random moveset from arrows and equip the best armour. You can also defeat bosses to get what they drop.

Roblox Anime Rifts Codes

You can easily get the valid code for Anime Rifts and redeem it to get freebies. Please copy the working code from the active code list given below and redeem it as soon as possible. Below we have also shared the process to redeem the code.

Anime Rifts Codes (Active)

All the active codes for the game are mentioned below:

  • almostback – Redeem for 3 hours of 2x XP (
  • fairytailmonth – Redeem for 1 hour of 2x XP
  • SubToTaklaman – Redeem for 6 hours of Double Everything

Anime Rifts Codes (Expired)

All the expired codes for the game are mentioned below. Don’t try to redeem an expired code because you can not redeem the expired code.


How To Redeem Roblox Anime Rifts Codes?

You can easily redeem the code for the game with the help of the simple steps given below:

  • First, you need to start the Anime Rifts game
  • Then, look for the setting icon and click on it
  • A new code redemption window will open
  • You need to click on the Enter code area
  • Copy the valid code for the code
  • Enter the code and hit on the Enter button to get rewards.


How to get more active code for the game?

You, can follow the Twitter account of the developer or Join Discord to get upcoming working code.

Who developed Anime Rifts?

The game was developed by Adventures Unleashed.

We hope this valid code will help you to boost your character in the game. If you want more working code for the Roblox then go to our Roblox code section.

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