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Total Annihilation Cheat Codes

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Total Annihilation Cheat Codes

Here on this page, you can get all the updated Total Annihilation Cheat Codes an interesting real-time strategy game.

In the game, you have two very important components which are metal and energy that you are required to create awesome structures.

And you have to keep levelling up your units as you will have more advanced technology that will help you create advanced units.

Also, you have to create powerful units that can take care of the structures and the enemies and our cheat codes can help you with different resources.

Total Annihilation Cheat Codes

+noshakeStops screen shaking due to explosions and earthquakes.
+shootallInstructs the player’s units to shoot at enemy units they normally ignore (Metal Extractors, factories, etc).
+setsharemetal #Shares Metal while keeping # amount for the player. Type +sharemetal afterwards to begin sharing Metal.
+setshareenergy #Shares Energy while keeping # amount for the player. Type *+shareenergy afterwards to begin sharing Energy.
+shareradarShares the player’s radar coverage with allies.
+sharemetalShares Metal with allies.
+shareenergyShares Energy with allies.
+sharemappingShares map information with allies in unmapped games.
+shareallCombines +shareradar, +sharemetal, +shareenergy and +sharemapping into one command.
+give # #* metal/energygives other players’ resources. # = player number, #* = amount of donation, metal/energy = type of donation.
+clockToggles the game clock on or off.
+switchaltToggles ALT+# squad selection to #, and # of build menu page to ALT+#.
+bpsDisplays received/transmitted data rates.
+ditherToggles fog of war as dithered rather than grey.
+logo #Change player 0’s in-game color. # = 0-9 representing the colour of choice in order: Blue = 0, Red = 1, White = 2, Green = 3, Dark Blue = 4, Purple = 5, Yellow = 6, Black = 7, Light Blue = 8, Gold = 9.
+logo # #*Changes other players’ in-game colour. # = 0-9 representing the colour of choice as above. #* = player number.
+screenchatToggles screen chat.
+contour #Overlays a 3D contour map, # = 1-255.
+showrangesShows ranges such as weapon range, sight and build distance. Select a unit and hold the SHIFT key to view.
+sfxReduces level of special effects on the screen. Nanolathes and smoke effects are removed.
+compressionToggles compression on the outgoing network traffic.
+selectableAllows non-selectable mission units (those not prefixed with an ‘s’ in their InitialMission line) to become selectable.
+bigbrotherToggles through the player’s units in the order built.
+gamma #Changes screen gamma. # = 0-255+. The gamma slider in the options menu only goes up to a value of 20 with 12 being default.
+shadowToggles all shadows including those from buildings.
+fshadowToggles shadowing on features.
+tshadowToggles shadowing on mobile units.
+antialiasToggles anti-aliasing on 3d models.
+shadingToggles shading on 3d models.
+light #Set light level #. Only effective with shading on.
+scrollspeed #Sets the arrow key scroll speed # = 0 – 255. The scrollspeed slider in the options menu only goes up to a value of 65.
+sound3dToggles in-game sound between 3D and mono.
+cdstopStops the music CD.
+cdplay #Plays the CD track number #. ‘+cdplay’ starts the music again after ‘+cdstop’.
+musicmode #Switches between Build and Battle music modes. Building music mode is just “+musicmode” and battle music is “+musicmode 1“.
+lostypeToggles between ‘True’ and ‘Circular’ LOS.
+singMakes units sing jazz.
+iface #Where # = 0/1 switches between left/right mouse interface. ‘+iface/+iface 0’ right click direct unit to rallypoint, left click to escape unit selection. ‘+iface 1’ left click direct unit to rallypoint right click to escape unit selection. Using a number bigger than 1 will make both left/right click directs unit to rallypoint but it is then impossible to select a unit that is building, so it isn’t recommended to do this.
+nometalSets player 0’s Metal amount to 0.
+nometal #Sets other players’ metal amount to 0, with # being the number of the player.
+noenergySets player 0’s Energy amount to 0.
+noenergy #Sets other players’ Energy amount to 0, with # being the number of the player.
+now Film Chris Include Reload AssertCase sensitive command combination to enter developer mode (makes all cheat codes available in any game mode).

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