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The Legend of Zelda Cheat Codes (August 2022)

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The Legend of Zelda Cheat Codes

On this page, you will find The Legend Of Zelda Cheat Codes, Legend of Zelda is a high fantasy action-adventure video game that was released in 1987 and became a huge success even today there are a huge no. of loyal fans.

And we have provided the updated codes for the game that you can use to get various free rewards like Free Items, Infinite Bombs and many more.

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The Legend of Zelda Cheat Codes

All the codes are case sensitive so make sure you use the exact codes otherwise they may not work and you will not able to receive your rewards.

Genie Codes

Genie Codes
Infinite BombsSZNZVOVK
Start With 8 HeartsYYKPOYZZ
Start With 16 HeartsNYKPOYZX
Start With Blue RingESKUILTA
Start With Red RingOSKUILTA

NES Codes

NES Codes

Secret Save Screen – Use a double controller and in the first one press 1 and then simultaneously press up + A on the second one, and the save menu will be there on the screen.

Easy Rubies – First you need to reach the graveyard, and you do not have to self spawned ghosts until you touch all the graves once that will spawn more ghosts and then you have to kill all the self spawned ghosts and possibly drop loot for you.

Fewer Enemies – So for that, you need to kill all the enemies in an area except the one and when next time you pass that area you will only find that single enemy.

Level 1 Dungeon Door Glitch – First Dungeon is the Eagle, and the first time when you enter the dungeon a door in the north is locked to unlock the door walk out of the dungeon and be right in and the door will become unlocked. So that you will have an extra key at the end.

Start Game On Second Quest – If you want to start the game from the second quest you need to beat the game at least once and the next time when you start the game enter Zelda as your name and you will be able to start the game from the second quest.

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