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The Forest Cheat Codes & Console Commands (August 2022)

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The Forest Cheat Codes & Console Commands

With The Forest cheat codes, you will be able to survive for more than usual as The Forest is one of the most difficult survival games. So in the game, you will first survive a lethal plane crash and then you have to learn how you can survive in the lethal dense forest.

There are cannibals and mutants living in that deadly forest and they will make things harder for the players so as you progress in the game thing will be started to become difficult for you. But with the help of the cheat codes, you can get so many awesome things to help you progress in the game.

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The Forest Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes & Console Commands
IronforestBuildings are indestructible
MeatmodeDisables all cheats
RawmeatmodePermanent death. You’re save file will be erased upon dying.
Regrowmode10% of fallen trees will regrow while you sleep
VeganmodeEnemies will only appear in caves.
VegetarianmodeEnemies will only appear at nighttime.
WoodpasteResets holes created by hole cutter and crane.

Clothing Console Commands

  • addClothingById 1: Beanie 1
  • addClothingById 2: Beanie 2
  • addClothingById 3: Beanie 3
  • addClothingById 4: Default Pants
  • addClothingById 5: Black Pants
  • addClothingById 6: Camo Pants
  • addClothingById 7: Khaki Pants
  • addClothingById 8: Beige Pants
  • addClothingById 9: Blacksuit Full Body
  • addClothingById 10: Dark Grey Full Hands
  • addClothingById 11: Grey Full Hands
  • addClothingById 12: Green Full Hands
  • addClothingById 13: Shirt Closed Full Hands
  • addClothingById 14: Jacket Low Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 15: Leather-Jacket Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 17: Shirt Open Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 18: Darkblue Vest
  • addClothingById 19: Dark Green Vest
  • addClothingById 20: Colorful Vest
  • addClothingById 21: Default Shirt
  • addClothingById 22: Camo Shirt
  • addClothingById 23: Wolf Shirt
  • addClothingById 25: Blue Button-Up
  • addClothingById 26: White Button-Up
  • addClothingById 27: Grey Long-Sleeve
  • addClothingById 28: Black V-Neck
  • addClothingById 29: Stewardess Dress
  • addClothingById 30: Bathrobe
  • addClothingById 31: Bathrobe Outfit
  • addClothingById 32: Tennis Outfit
  • addClothingById 33: Pilot Uniform

Player’s attribute Consloe Commands

  • UnlimitedHairspray on: Never run out of hairspray fuel.
  • UnlimitedHairspray off: Turns off the command.
  • Itemhack on: With item in inventory, generate infinite of that item.
  • Itemhack off: Turns off the command.
  • Energyhack on: Infinite energy and stamina.
  • Energyhack off: Turns off the command.
  • Godmode on: Infinite health, stamina, fullness, water, energy, et cetera.
  • Godmode off: Turns off the command.
  • Survival on: Infinite fullness and water.
  • Survival off: Turns off the command.
  • Speedyrun on: High speed while moving. Still susceptible to fall damage.
  • Speedyrun off: Turns off the command.
  • Invisible on: Move underwater as if you’re walking, no extra effects like blood.
  • Invisible off: Turns off the command.
  • Stewcomboverbose on: Indicates when successful stew recipe was consumed.
  • Stewcomboverbose off: Turns off the command.
  • Save: Saves the game at the current position.
  • Killlocalplayer: Kills player. In multiplayer, puts you to downed state.
  • Killmefast: Permanent suicide. Requires reload of save.
  • Revivelocalplayer: Revives player. Only works within multiplayer.
  • Fakehitplayer: Fakes hit the player. Causes flinching, but no damage.
  • Setvariationextra None: Removes jacket from player in multiplayer.
  • Setvariationextra Jacket: Adds jacket to player in multiplayer.
  • Decaynextmeat: Changes meat one iteration. Fresh turns to edible. Edible to spoiled.
  • Poison: Infects the player. Same effect as poison arrow.
  • Hitlocalplayer #: Player will take specified amount of damage. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • Setstat Health # : Changes health to specified number. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • Setstat Stamina # : Changes stamina to specified number. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • Setstat Energy # : Changes energy to specified number. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • Setstat Fullness # : Changes fullness to specified number. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • Setstat BatteryCharge # : Changes charge to specified number. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • SetSkill runTime # : Changes Strength and Athleticism stats. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • SetSkill lungTime # : Changes Strength and Athleticism stats. Goes from 1 to 100.
  • SetSkill ath # : Changes Strength and Athleticism stats. Goes from 1 to 100.

Useful information for console Commands:

  • deviceDebugInformation on: Shows you statistics about your device.
  • deviceDebugInformation off: Turns off the command.
  • achievementloglevel none: This is the default log level.
  • achievementloglevel log: Logs achievement progression without errors.
  • achievementloglevel error: List errors without achievement progression.
  • achievementloglevel all: Lists achievement progression including errors.
  • pmactivestatelabels on: Shows current behavior of enemies and animals individually.
  • pmactivestatelabels off: Turns off the command.
  • Help: Lists all commands. Use F2 or tilde to locate all of them as the menu is small.
  • Clear: Clears the console of all text and information.
  • Showgamestats: Shows stats such as kills, buildings built, et cetera.

Console commands if you are facing any difficulties

  • setdifficultymode peaceful: Changes difficulty to peaceful.
  • setdifficultymode normal: Changes difficulty to normal.
  • setdifficultymode hard: Changes difficulty to hard.
  • setdifficultymode hardsurvival: Changes difficulty to hard survival.
  • setgamemode standard: Changes game mode to standard.
  • setgamemode creative: Changes game mode to creative.
  • setgamemode mod: Changes game mode to mod.

Console commands to change the current status of the environment

  • terrainreader on: Turns on the terrain.
  • terrainreader off: Turns off terrain.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride off: Turns off the command.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride morning: Sets game lighting to morning until turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride noon: Sets game lighting to noon until turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride sunset: Sets game lighting to sunset until turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride night: Sets game lighting to night until turned off.
  • advanceday: Skips one day ahead.
  • plantallgardens: Plants all gardens and returns the amount of gardens.
  • growalldirtpiles: Grows dirt piles within gardens.
  • setcurrentday #: Will change the day depending on the amount. 1-100 scale.
  • timescale #: Changes the speed of the day. Another section will be created detailing this.
  • gametimesacle #: Changes speed of hunger, energy, and thirst.
  • cutdowntrees #: Cuts down trees equal to amount input.
  • cutdowntrees #%: Cuts down trees equal to percentage.
  • cutgrass #: Cuts grass in a small radius around the player.
  • checkday: Checks the time of day.
  • forcerain light: Changes weather to light rain.
  • forcerain medium: Changes weather to medium rain.
  • forcerain heavy: Changes weather to heavy rain.
  • forcerain cloud: Changes weather to cloudy.
  • forcerain sunny: Changes weather to sunny.

Console commands for pertaining to animals in The Forest

  • killallanimals: Kills all enemies in the game. They will still respawn.
  • killclosestanimal: Kills the closest animal to the player.
  • animals on: Turn animals on.
  • animals off: Despawns animals.
  • birds on: Turn birds on.
  • birds off: Despawns birds.
  • Spawnanimal quiet: Spawns a trapped animal if an animal trap is nearby.
  • Spawnanimal rabbit: Spawns a rabbit.
  • Spawnanimal lizard: Spawns a lizard.
  • Spawnanimal crocodile: Spawns a crocodile.
  • Spawnanimal deer: Spawns a deer.
  • Spawnanimal turtle: Spawns a turtle.
  • Spawnanimal boar: Spawns a boar.
  • Spawnanimal tortoise: Spawns a tortoise.
  • Spawnanimal raccoon: Spawns a raccoon.
  • Spawnanimal squirrel: Spawns a squirrel.

Console commands for pertaining to enemies in The Forest

  • veganmode on: Enemies will only appear in caves.
  • veganmode off: Turns the command off.
  • resetallenemies: Resets AI and kills all enemies.
  • enemies on: Turns cannibals, mutants, and other enemies on.
  • enemies off: Turns enemies off.
  • knockdownclosestenemy: Knocks down the closest enemy.
  • killclosestenemy: Kills closest enemy to you.
  • killallenemies: Kills all enemies in the game, but they will respawn.
  • killendboss: Kills the end boss.
  • astar on Turns on path finding for enemies.
  • astar off Turns off the command.
  • spawnregularfamily: Spawns 3-6 regular cannibals.
  • spawnpaintedfamily: Spawns 3-6 painted cannibals.
  • spawnskinnedfamily: Spawns 3-6 skinned cannibals.
  • spawnskinnyfamily: Spawns 3-6 skinny cannibals.
  • Spawnmutant male_skinny: Spawns a male skinny mutant.
  • Spawnmutant female_skinny: Spawns a female skinny mutant.
  • Spawnmutant skinny_pale: Spawns a skinny pale mutant.
  • Spawnmutant male: Spawns a male mutant.
  • Spawnmutant female: Spawns a female mutant.
  • Spawnmutant armsy: Spawns an armsy mutant.
  • Spawnmutant vags: Spawns a vags mutant.
  • Spawnmutant baby: Spawns a baby mutant.
  • Spawnmutant fireman: Spawns a fireman mutant.
  • Spawnmutant pale: Spawns a pal mutant.
  • Spawnmutant fat: Spawns a fat mutant.

Console commands that affects buildings in The Forest

  • cancelallghosts: Removes every blueprint that has been placed.
  • buildallghosts: Builds every blueprint that has been placed.
  • buildhack on: Allows building similar to creative mode.
  • buildhack off: Turns off the command.
  • loghack on: Carried logs are infinite, but must have a long in hand to work.
  • loghack off: Turns off the command.

Console commands that are unique but it can not be built-in normal gameplay

  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_SmallWallChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreesapCollectorBuilt 1: Spawns a Sap Collector.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackBuilt 1: Spawns a Large Drying Rack.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Custom Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_GardenUndergroundBuilt2 1: Spawns a Garden Cave.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuiltH 1: Spawns a Custom Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyHead 1: Spawns a Head Effigy.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_FishBuilt 1: Spawns a Fish Trap.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RaftOarBuilt 1: Spawns an Oar from Boat.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects GardenBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Garden.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects PlatformBuilt 1: Spawns a Platform.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns an Alpine Tree House.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Rope 1: Spawns an Alpine Tree House.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns a Tree House.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Rope 1: Spawns a Tree House.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns a Tree Platform.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Rope 1: Spawns a Tree Platform w/ Rope.
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