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Super Mario World Cheat Codes (October 2022)

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Super Mario World Cheat Codes

Super Mario World is a very famous platform game where Mario have to complete the quests in order to save the princess. Here on this page we have shared all the updated Super Mario World Cheat Codes that you can use to get awesome rewards so that you can easily progress in the game.

Super Mario World Cheat Codes

Super Mario World Codes and Effects
Every Dragon Coin Gives An Extra LifeD2E5-A7AD
Invincible Yoshi89E4-AFD9 + 89C6-D4DB
Keep Power Up When HitCBED-6DDF
Keep Power Up When You DieCB28-DF6D
Little Yoshi Only Needs To Eat 1 Enemy To Become BigDFCE-64A0
Mega JumpDF2C-AF6F
No Enemies3E32-6DAD
Power-Up Selection
cycle through with select + up
Shoot Fireballs StraightDDEA-6F07 + DDB2-AFD8
Start With 15 LivesD3B4-6F07
Start With 25 LivesF6B4-6F07
Start With 50 Live7FB4-6F07
Start With 99 Lives14B4-6F07
Unlimited LivesC222-D4DD
Unlimited TimeC264-64D7

Replay Castles – You can replay castles even after you have already beaten them. If you want to replay any castle or fortress you’ve completed, hold L + R before Mario or Luigi enters.

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