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Necromerger Cheat Codes & Achievements (October 2022)

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Necromerger Cheat Codes & Achievements

Here on this page, we have shared the updated Necromerger Cheat Codes that you use to get some freebies and rewards. NecroMerer is an interesting game developed by Grumpy Rhino Games where you will have to play as NecroMerger who has an ever-hungry pet you have to take care of his food.

And you know how to perform dark magic and with the help of that, you will summon your army of creatures. And then you have to merge them to make brutes from piddly little grunts so as to feed your pet.

So your main task in the game is to grow your pet as much as possible as it will attract more and more merchants, champions and even rivals. Few will be good for you and others you have to fight and eat your pet. To grow your pet and unlock more abilities and spells.

So that was a direct process in order to progress in the game but with the help of the Necromerger Cheat Codes you will be able to grow much faster and below you can check them out and get the rewards.

We have also mentioned cheat codes of some other amazing games which you must check once and here are the links for them Far Cry 5, Lego Hobbit, Paladins, Saints Row 2 and more games are waiting for you.

Necromerger Cheat Codes

Below are all the codes that we have mentioned all are working properly but if you find any of them not working properly then do let us know so that we can update the codes.

  • Devourer – 50 gems
  • FREEZING – 25 Ice runes
  • GOLDRUSH – 100 gold

How to Redeem Necromerger Cheats?

You can follow the steps given below to redeem the codes:

  • First, you need to start the Necromerger on your mobile.
  • Then look for the Gear icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Gear icon.
  • Now, a new pop-up window will open you need to copy the working code given above and enter the cheat code in a blue-coloured area.
  • Now, click on the X to get the rewards.


Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Abomination IDiscover a lvl 1 Abomination.
Abomination IIDiscover a max lvl Abomination.
Arch DemonDiscover the Arch Demon.
Banshee IDiscover a lvl 1 Banshee.
Banshee IIDiscover a max lvl Banshee.
Bat IDiscover a lvl 1 Bat.
Bat IIDiscover a max lvl Bat.
CyclopsDiscover the Cyclops.
Demon IDiscover a lvl 1 Demon.
Demon IIDiscover a max lvl Demon.
Eye Monster IDiscover a lvl 1 Eye Monster.
Eye Monster IIDiscover a max lvl Eye Monster.
Ghoul IDiscover a lvl 1 Ghoul.
Ghoul IIDiscover a max lvl Ghoul.
Golden Goose IDiscover a lvl 1 Golden Goose.
Golden Goose IIDiscover a max lvl Golden Goose.
GorgonDiscover the Gorgon.
HarpyDiscover the Harpy.
Imp IDiscover a lvl 1 Imp.
Imp IIDiscover a max lvl Imp.
LichDiscover the Lich.
Mummy IDiscover a lvl 1 Mummy.
Mummy IIDiscover a max lvl Mummy.
ReaperDiscover the Reaper.
Shade IDiscover a lvl 1 Shade.
Shade IIDiscover a max lvl Shade.
Skeleton IDiscover a lvl 1 Skeleton.
Skeleton IIDiscover a max lvl Skeleton.
Snake IDiscover a lvl 1 Snake.
Snake IIDiscover a max lvl Snake.
Spider IDiscover a lvl 1 Spider.
Spider IIDiscover a max lvl Spider.
Tier I FeatsComplete Tier I Feats.
Tier II FeatsComplete Tier II Feats.
Tier III FeatsComplete Tier III Feats.
Tier IV FeatsComplete Tier IV Feats.
Tier IX FeatsComplete Tier IX Feats.
Tier V FeatsComplete Tier V Feats.
Tier VI FeatsComplete Tier VI Feats.
Tier VII FeatsComplete Tier VII Feats.
Tier VIII FeatsComplete Tier VIII Feats.
Tier X FeatsComplete Tier X Feats.
Tier XI FeatsComplete Tier XI Feats.
Tier XII FeatsComplete Tier XII Feats.
Tier XIII FeatsComplete Tier XIII Feats.
Tier XIV FeatsComplete Tier XIV Feats.
Tier XV FeatsComplete Tier XV Feats.
Tier XVI FeatsComplete Tier XVI Feats.
Tier XVII FeatsComplete Tier XVII Feats.
Werewolf IDiscover a lvl 1 Werewolf.
Werewolf IIDiscover a max lvl Werewolf.
Zombie IDiscover a lvl 1 Zombie.
Zombie IIDiscover a max lvl Zombie.
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