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NBA Jam Cheat Codes (September 2022)

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NBA Jam Cheat Codes

Here on this page, we have shared well-researched NBA jam cheat codes that you can use to get different free rewards. NBA Jam is the first Basketball arcade game and also the first one with the NBA-licensed teams and players and their real digitized likenesses.

The game has some really amazing features which almost ignore human capabilities and laws of physics but these amazing features helped a lot to retain and gain new players.

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NBA Jam Cheat Codes

NBA Jam Active Cheat Codes

Below all active codes that we have mentioned are working properly and if you find any of them not do let us know so that we can update the list.

Active Codes

All players have super dunk abilityD8E8-C718 + D8E7-C448
All players have infinite turboD6E3-C748 + D6E1-CF38
Always On FireD6E2-CFC8 + D6E9-CD18
Always have super interception abilityD8E6-C7C8 + D8ED-C418
Turbo drains a lot slowerD0E5-3CFA + D0E9-38FA
Turbo restores very fast6FE6-3B2A + 6FE1-3C2A
Players have no headsEE38-67AF
Home’s baskets are worth 1 pointBBC6-A7AF
Home’s baskets are worth 2 points34C6-A7AF
Home’s baskets are worth 3 points30C6-A7AF
Home’s baskets are worth 4 points39C6-A7AF
Home’s baskets are worth 5 points35C6-A7AF
Home’s backets are worth 6 points36C6-A7AF
Home’s backets are worth 7 points3CC6-A7AF
Home’s baskets are worth 8 points3AC6-A7AF
Visitor’s baskets are worth 1 pointBBCC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 2 points34CC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 3 points30CC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 4 points39CC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 5 points35CC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 6 points36CC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 7 points3CCC-0F6F
Visitor’s baskets are worth 8 points3ACC-0F6F
Need 2 baskets to be on fireD4BD-3038 + D4BA-C948
Need 4 baskets to be on fireD0BD-3038
Need 5 baskets to be on fireD9BD-3038
Need 6 baskets to be on fireD1BD-3038
Need 7 baskets to be on fireD5BD-3038
Need 8 baskets to be on fireD6BD-3038
Need 9 baskets to be on fireDBBD-3038
Need 10 baskets to be on fireDCBD-3038

Codes to unlock characters

Codes to unlock characters

Below we have mentioned different codes that will help you to unlock different chacaretrs in the game.

Unlockable CharacterCheat Code
Air DogEnter the initials AI, then highlight R, then press Start + L + R + X
Al GoreEnter the initials NE, then highlight T, then press L + R + A
Asif “Chow-Chow” ChaudhriEnter the initials CA, then highlight R, then press L + R + X
Bill ClintonEnter the initials AR, then highlight K, then press Start + L + R + X
Dan “Weasel” FeinsteinEnter the initials SA, then highlight X, then press L + R + X
Eric ”KABUKI” KubyEnter the initials QB, then highlight [] (space), then press Start + L + R + X
George “P-Funk” ClintonEnter the initials DI, then highlight S, then press Start + L + R + A
Jamie RivettEnter the initials RJ, then highlight R, then press Start + L + R + X
Mark TurmellEnter the initials MJ, then highlight T, then press Start + L + R + A
Sal DivitaEnter the initials SA, then highlight L, then press L + R + X
Tom “Scruff” RademacherEnter the initials RO, then highlight D, then press Start + L + R + X
Warren MoonEnter the initials UW, then highlight Space, then press Start + L + R + A
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