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Lego Hobbit Cheat Codes (August 2022)

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Lego Hobbit Cheat Codes

Lego Hobbit is an amazing game as the way they brought fantasy stories into the Lego format is just so elegant. You will witness so many amazing characters in the game that you haven’t seen before. Lego Hobbit Cheat Codes that we have provided below will help you to unlock the amazing characters quickly so that you do not have to wait for that much to witness such amazing characters.

Lego Hobbit Cheat Codes

Lego Hobbit Cheat Codes

Alfrid: FAVZTR

Azog: 84ZZSI

Bain: W5Z6AC

Bard: UER3JG

Barliman Butterbur: XTVM8C

Barrow Wight: 555R9C

Beorn: KEID2V



Elros: H2CAID

Fimbul: THAVRM

Galadriel: 00TE7J

Gollum: 3CE37P

Grinnah: TPD7YW

Lindir: V4Y5HZ

Master of Laketown: 9NOK35

Narzug: 4FYKKB

Necromancer: NM3I2O

Percy: 74KN31

Peter Jackson: 5OJEUC

Rosie Cotton: TB4S6J

Sauron: OARA3D


Tom Bombadil: 4Y95TJ

Witchking: V8AHMJ

Yazneg: S6VV33

How To Redeem Lego The Hobbit Cheat Codes?

  • You simply need to launch the game. (Or if you are playing the game pause it right away)
  • Then you have to find the extras on your screen.
  • Now simply hit on that and enter the provided codes.
  • And simply enjoy the rewards.
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