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Infernax Game Wizard Codes (July 2022)

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Infernax Game Wizard Codes

Here in this article, we share the Active Infernax Game Wizard Codes which is a pixel-graphics-style adventure platformer game that is a very interesting game to play where you will going to encounter clear dungeons, Monsters, have to fight bosses, and make some very crucial decisions to win the game.

The game is very interesting but at the same time game is also very challenging to play every game has something with the help of which you can have some advantages and here in this game those are Infernax Game Wizards Cheat Codes that will give you the powers like infinite jumps, tons of free gold, invincibility, XPs and much more other kinds of stuff.

All Infernax Game Wizard Codes

Below we have mentioned all the Infernax Game Wizard Codes which you can check and can use to get awesome and free rewards.

  • ALEXKOLE – Cheat code for 99999 Gold
  • SEPPINOT – Cheat code for Infinite Jumps.
  • NINPIOUS – Cheat code for Invincibility.
  • TEYETPAX – Cheat code for Jetpack.
  • UNKLZXXG – Cheat code for Infinite mana.
  • GKZNATEI – Cheat code for Max XP.
  • ATPGNING – Cheat code for Over the top gore.
  • PAINSAVV – Cheat code for Chainsaw Mode.

We are in the search of more codes that we can provide to you so make sure you bookmark this page do visit us again and again to get the latest codes.

Steps to use Infernax Game Wizard Codes

So first boot up your game and then simply reach out to the Infernax game wizard location which you can find near the Tohan Passage, once reach you can find a cute book there that was surrounded by a few candles, and then you have to press the button you can see on your screen.

So once you hit the button Game Wizard will come up where you will have to enter the codes that we have provided to you. Keep it in mind that the codes are case sensitive so you have to enter codes as it is otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the rewards.

Konami Codes Infernax

By using Konami Codes you can easily avail yourself of some additional advantages and for that, you need to press the sequence up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. So simply use the codes and enjoy!

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