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House Party Cheat Codes & Console Commands (December 2022)




House Party Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Love to play simulation games then you will love to play the House Party simulation game where you will meet with several different party attendees, each with distinct personalities and preferences. You are the one in the game whose action will be highly important to form the story in the game.

Your actions should be based on morals that will eventually affect what outcome you will be going to face. And if you face any problem with the commands below we have mentioned the House Party Cheats & Commands that will help you in the game.

House Party Console Commands

House Party Console Commands

Press – “~” (Open console command)

help – A list of commands will be there

example” + one command – command’s examples

House Party Cheat Commands

Combat Cheats

Cheat example – combat Madison Patrick fight: To make Madison and Patrick fight

  • 1st term: always = combat
  • 2nd term: the character or characters you want
  • 3rd term: passout, wakeup, or fight

Complete Quests

Complete Quests

Cheat example – quest complete “scavenger hunt”: to complete that quest

  • 1st term: always = quest
  • 2nd term: choose to start or complete the quest
  • 3rd term: To see all the available quests commands use the command quest list [person’s name]

Add Item

Cheat example – player inventory add natty

You can only change the item name, the last term of the console command

Boost Friendship or Romance

Cheat example – intimacy player Madison 10030 se*xualact: To have intimacy with Madison

  • 1st term: always = intimacy player
  • 2nd term: the character you want
  • 3rd term position: 9000, 10000, 10011, 10030, 10050, 10051, 10052, 10053, 10054, 10055, 10056 and also 10057, try them all
  • 4th term: always “sextu*alact”

Body parts size

Cheat example – bodypart feet Leah 0.50: to reduce Leah’s feet by 50%

  • 1st term: always = bodypart
  • 2nd term – bodypart: ti*ts, head, pen*is, hands, butt, feet
  • 3rd term: The character you want
  • 4th term: a value from 0,1 to 0,99 to reduce or a value from 1,01 to 10 to increase

Intimacy Sensitivity

Cheat example – values player Org*asmSensitivity equals 9: To adjust intimacy sensitivity to max

  • You can only adjust the value, a number from 0 (min) to 9 (max)

Remove Clothes

Cheat example – clothing Leah 2 off: to remove Leah’s pants

  • 1st term: always = clothing
  • 2nd term: The character you want
  • 3rd term – cloth: 0 = top, 1 = bottom, 2 = pants, 3 = bra, 4 = shoes
  • 4th term: on or off (to remove)

Get Drunk

Cheat example – social player drunk add 10

  • You can only change the final number, a value from 0 to 10 or 100

– Door: Lock or unlock doors

Command: ‘lock or unlock’ door ‘door name’

Example: lock door masterbedroom // lock door “master bed room” = lock the master bedroom door

Possible values for third term: select any door and insert its name (without “door”)


Roaming: Prevent characters from moving away their current location
Command: ‘character’ name’ roaming ‘true or false’ allow

Example: Leah roaming false allow = Leah won’t go away from her current location.

Possible values for first term: Amy, Ashley, Brittney, Derek, Frank, Katherine, Madison, Patrick, Rachael, Stephanie, Vickie.


WalkTo: Make characters walk to a desired location
Command: ‘character’s name’ walkto ‘location name’

Example: amy walkto bed = make Derek leave the house

Possible values for third term: outside, bed = master bedroom bed, hottubseat1, and more.


  • WarpTo: Make characters be teleported right in front of you
    Command: ‘person’s name’ warpto player

Example: Vickie warpto player = Vickie will appear in front of you.


Combat: Make characters fight each other

Command: combat ‘character name(s)’ ‘passout or wakeup or fight’

Example: combat Frank Derek fight = make Frank and Derek fight each other

Another example: combat Frank passout = make Frank unconscious

Possible values for second term: Amy, Ashley, Brittney, Derek, Frank, Katherine, Madison, Patrick, Rachael, Stephanie, Vickie.

Possible values for third term: fight, wakeup, passout.

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