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House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes



House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

The awesome Zombie Shooter Game is back and we have brought the House Of The Dead Remake Cheats for you that will make the game more fun for you.

If you want to use these codes that we have provided to you then you have to play the game honestly in the starting and after a certain point time, you will be able to use them. And also these codes will not be going to affect your chances of earning rewards, trophies, or achievements, as they are locked initially.

So you have to achieve a set number of achievements in order to unlock certain codes, and in Steam, PS4, and Xbox, these also correspond to each platform’s existing achievement system.

House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

Cheat Code# of AchievementsInput (PC)Input (Switch)Input (PS4)Input (Xbox)
Unlimited Ammo8Q, E, Q, E, M, ML, R, L, R, B, BL1, R1, L1, R1, X, XLB, RB, LB, RB, A, A
One-Shot Kill16A, W, D, S, M, Mleft, up, right, down, B, Bleft, up, right, down, X, Xleft, up, right, down, A, A
All Weapons Unlocked24M, M, K, K, Q, EB, B, A, A, L, RX, X, O, O, L1, R1A, A, B, B, LB, RB
Free Play32W, W, W, Eup, up, up, Rup, up, up, R1up, up, up, RB
Invincible40A, D, A, D, M, Mleft, right, left, right, B, Bleft, right, left, right, X, Xleft, right, left, right, A, A

How To Use House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes?

In order to activate you can use your controller, they have made available almost all the codes on your controller itself. And once you enter the code in a proper manner it will show a bright green text and you get to know that the code is now activated.

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