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Fossil Fighters Champions Cheat Codes For Action Replay, Tips and More




Fossil Fighters Champions Cheat Codes

Fossil Fighters Champions is a great RPG game where you have to revive a vivosaur with the help of the stone to fight other vivosaur and defeat them to win the game. And we have some Fossil Fighters Champions Cheat Codes for the smooth gameplay so let’s check them out.

Fossil Fighters Champions Cheat Codes

T-RexReach the bottom of Mt.Krakanak and the water edge
Rare JewelsFully upgrade your sonar and get the red mask and get to ice grip Plataea
Easy MoneyGet to the bottom of Mt. Krakanak and find dark fossil rock which cost around 30,000 gold once cleaned.
Z-ElasmoBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-PteraBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-RexBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-TriceraBeat Zongazonga Again
ZongazongaBeat Zongazonga Again
SquikAt the hot spring, cook the egg for 9.65-10.30 seconds
get Heracles Find tricera then get a miraculous fossil rock clean
get TefflaFind aero and clean a miraculous fossil
Get A V-RaptorComplete the game then go to the rainbow canyon
get king typesbeat the game then go to zongazongas castle and talk to the staff
get B-lambeoBeat the game and then beat cole
SquiroBeat the game then get to Hotspring hights and go to the egg guy and you absolutely HALF to get at least 9.72 seconds.

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