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Doom 2 Codes (September 2022)

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Doom 2 Codes

Get the most updated doom 2 codes here on this page that you can use for getting various items free of cost. The game is really interesting that is developed by the id Software in the year 1994.

You can guess the theme of the game by just reading the name of the game Doom and you will really experience hell on the earth in the game. And you will face different demons in the game that can be killed with the help of various weapons available in the game.

But playing without using the codes will take much of your time and effort but if you want to save your valuable time and efforts you can check out our below-provided cheat codes for Doom 2.

We have published more active codes on different games and here you can check some of them Valor Legends Gift Codes, MTG Arena Codes, and Darkness Rises Codes.

Doom 2 Codes

We have checked the codes properly and found them working properly but if you find any of them not working do let us know so that we can find the issue as soon as possible.

IDFAGet all weapons, ammo, and mega armor with this cheat code
IDKFAGet all weapons, ammo, mega armor, and all keys with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDSSpawn a Berserk powerup with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDISpawn an Invisibility powerup with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDVSpawn an Invulnerability powerup with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDLSpawn Light Amp Goggles with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDRSpawn a Radiation Suit with this cheat code
IDBEHOLDAShow computer area map with this cheat code
IDDTShow the entire map (must be in automap mode; enter twice to reveal all items, monsters, etc) with this cheat code
IDMUSxxChoose a BGM track (replace xx with a number 01-32) with this cheat code
IDDQD Enable God Mode with this cheat code
FHSHHEnemies ignore you until you attack with this cheat code
IDCLIPEnable no clipping mode (walk through objects) with this cheat code
IDCHOPPERSReplace your fists with chainsaws with this cheat code
IDMYPOSShow your position in code with this cheat code
IDCLEVxxWarp to the specified level (replace xx with a number 01-30) with this cheat code
IDCLEV31Unlock the first secret level with this cheat code
IDCLEV32Unlock the second secret level with this cheat code

How to redeem Doom 2 Codes?

There is no external item in the game that you have to use in order to use the codes, rather you simply have to enter the codes and enjoy the rewards.

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