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Cheat Codes For Spongebob Truth Or Square




Cheat Codes For Spongebob Truth Or Square

Here in the article, we have shared the Cheat Codes For Spongebob Truth Or Square that players can use to get some free rewards, and if you find any of them not working then do let us know in the comment section.

Spongebob Truth Or Square Cheat Codes

Spongebob Truth Or Square
4825For All Concept Art and Cinematics
2626For All Costumes
3384For All Levels
6647For Black and White Mode
2833For SpongeBuff Mode
3427For Super Strong Mode
4335For Super Weak Mode
3141For More Happiness Nuggets


Spongebob Truth Or Square Achivements
Collect 99 Lives.(50)
Unlock all concept art.(25)
Break 1000 Plankton Tikis.(20)
Find the Toy Clarinet.(10)
Find the Magic Conch Shell.(10)
Unlock all of the available costumes.(25)
Have a Co-op buddy, like Plankton, shake 50 enemies.(50)
Find the Open 24 Hours sign.(10)
Complete the game.(100)
Upgrade all of SpongeBob’s furniture.(30)
Have a Co-op buddy, like Plankton, defeat 100 enemies.(50)
Find the Baby Jellyfish.(10)
Find SpongeBob’s Jellyfishing Net.(10)
Find the Krabby Patty.(10)
Find the Karate Gloves.(10)
Survive all 7 Task Tiki Combat Challenges against the robot cretins.(30)
Break 150 Squidward Stone Tikis.(25)
Find Mermaidman & Barnacleboy’s Ring Box.(10)
Find the Aquaphone.(10)
Find Mermaidman’s Utility Belt.(10)
Collect 10,000 Happiness Nuggets.(30)
Defeat 30 enemies in a row while buff.(50)
Find the Volcano Hot Sauce.(10)
Find the Picnic Basket.(10)
Find the Bubble Wand.(10)
Find the Golden Spatula.(10)
Find the Hot Dog.(10)
Find the #1 Soda Drinkin’ Hat.(10)
You watched all of the credits.(15)
Find Patrick’s Alarm Clock.(10)
Defeat 250 enemies with SpongeBob.(25)
Find Patrick sleeping in all levels.(50)
Find all of SpongeBob’s Happiness Objects.(100)
You made SpongeBob grow old.(10)
Find Squidward’s Paints.(10)
Find the Bellybutton Lint Earmuffs.(10)
Find Sandy’s Iced Tea Glass.(10)
Find Snellie’s Pet Carrier.(10)
Complete any level without dying, without invincibility.(50)
Find the Heart-Shaped Acorn.(10)
Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, make 100 Happiness Nuggets sad.(30)
Feed Patrick a kelp hot dog.(5)
Find Mr. Krabs’ 1st Dollar.(10)

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