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Bonetale Cheat Codes 2022



Bonetale Cheat Codes

Looking for the Bonetale Cheat Codes to unlock Mario skin, Sonic skin, Minecraft map and more then you are in the right place. Here, you can get all active Bonetale Fangame Cheat Codes.

Bonetale Fangame is a very popular Arcade category game and In this game, you play for Skeleton and use bones, blasters change gravity and do a lot more. Along with this, you can unlock costumes, maps, characters, music and much more. Bonetale Fangame has more than 10 levels, 4 unique characters and lots of costumes and maps.

Bonetale Fangame Cheat Codes List

Bonetale Cheat Codes list to Unlock the Minecraft Map and more

You can find out all the cheat codes for Bonetale from here. You can also get this code on the game’s Facebook and VK pages. You can use these cheat codes to unlock the special maps and skins labelled “???” in the Shop. If you want to see the cheat code menu on the laptop then you need to type on your keyboard CHEATS and on Android and iOS swipe left.

Bonetale Cheat Codes (Active)

All the active Bonetale Cheat Codes are mentioned below:

Cheat CodesUse
APRILUse this cheat code to unlock April Fools’ day set. In this set, you can find skins Nut and ♂Gym Boss♂, the Pepe Blaster, a dialogue for Nut, a memory soundboard, and a unique GAME OVER screen where you will not able to go back to the menu normally. If you want to stop the loop then close the app and come back once again.
MPQUBEUnlock the Minecraft Map with the help of this code.
SKMMRUse SKMMR Cheat code for Bonetale Fangame to unlock Mario skin and Mario Game Over Screen.
SKSADXUse this Cheat code to Unlock the Sonic Skin.

Expired Cheat Codes

All the expired codes for the game are mentioned below:

  • Currently, no expired code is available for the game.

We hope this code will help you to unlock various items. You can also see other game cheats codes like Bounty Pirates Codes and All Valheim Cheat Codes And Console Commands.

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