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V Rising

Which Game Mode to select in V Rising

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Which Game Mode to select in V Rising

Going to play V Rising a survival game but confuse to choose game mode then here you can check out our guides on Which Game Mode to select in V Rising.

V Rising a vampire survival game revolves around a weekend vampire that awakens after centuries of deep sleep. The vampire survives to reclaim his place in the Varodran world. The V Rising is lovable by most gamers because of its variety of game modes.

When you will start the game then you get several options to select the game mode but which game mode to select in V Rising? Follow this guide to know all about the different game modes.

V Rising Game Mode

Once you will start the game, there are three different ways to play the game, Online Play, Private Game and Host Dedicated Server. If we talk about the Private game then you can host a server and send invitations to your friends or other players to join you. For Host a dedicated server you need to rent a server to play it.

If you are selecting the Online Play option then you will get different modes to play. Here, we are going to explain all the game modes for Online Play in V Rising.

  • PvE Mode – In PvE Mode of V Rising, you can invite up to three of your vampire friends or other players to face the creatures and bosses around the world.
  • Full Loot PvP Mode – This mode grants permission to loot valuable items as they lose a raid. If you are playing with this mode then you need to be aware of the ticking timer. Raid a castle before the timer ends. At the time of a raid, you need to defend your castle. Increase your gear level or join a clan, if you are going solo. Upon losing to another player, you will also lose all the collected loot. You have an option here, before that happens you can attack the opponents within the ticking timer and get them all loot.
  • PvP Mode PvP Mode in V Rising brings all the players into the world of Vardoran. You can create a clan to fight against creatures and enemies. Invite two or three players to make a clan. Defend the Castle of vampires during the raids because if you will not able to survive a raid then players can loot valuable items from your castle.
  • Duo PvP Mode – Duo PvP Mode of V Rising allows players to raid a castle before the time ends. This mode is similar to Full loot because Full loot allows a clan of four players and Duo PVP allows to invite one friend. You can also go solo but with this mode, you can increase the chances to collect the loot.

This was everything about Which Game Mode to select in V Rising. We hope this guide will help you to choose the best mode in V Rising. You can also check out other V Rising game guides like How To Build And Use Grinder in V Rising and V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location.

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