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V Rising: Ungora the Spider Queen Location & Boss Fight

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V Rising: Ungora the Spider Queen Location & Boss Fight

Once you will start progress in the V Rising game then you will encounter many V bosses. Some bosses of the game are Vampire hunters, animals and in a different forms.

Here, we are going to share a guide on Ungora the Spider Queen which is one of the most dangerous bosses to fight. If you are struggling to defeat the Queen then this guide will help you.

Ungora the Spider Queen Location

V Rising Ungora the Spider Queen Location
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

To find the V Rising Ungora the Spider Queen, you need to go towards the Cursed Forests. The queen is located in the Spider Cave. Once you will go inside the cave then you will encounter several Spiderlings that guard the way to reach the boss. Track the boss’s blood trail with the help of the Blood Altar. You need to increase your Gear level equal to or above to defeat her easily.

Items Drop By Ungora the Spider Queen

After defeating her, you can extract the blood and collect her drop. Ungora the Spider Queen drops Volatile Arachnid Vampire power, Ghost Yarn, Silk, and Spiderling.

Defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

Once you start the fight then she can generate several spiders so, you need to play smartly and start dealing with smaller spiders before defeating the Spider Queen. The Ungora the Spider Queen boss has various sets of attacks that can shock you. The boss can shoot a wide array of poisonous projectiles in your way.

You need to maintain some distance to nullify her attacks. Be patient to attack while dodging them. The boss can also spawn several exploding spiderlings so, you need to beat them first.

Ungora the Spider Queen’s other attacks impose a huge poisonous explosion that spread around the area. If you will be inside the area then it can harm you so, make sure about the poisonous fumes around the area. After some time the boss can close the distance and attack with poisonous claws. You need to keep moving and use the ranged magic attack to damage her.

That’s all about Ungora the Spider Queen Location and How to Defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising. You can also explore other V Rising guides like V Rising Ferocious Bear Location and How To Get Quartz in V Rising.

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