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V Rising

V Rising Scroll Crafting Guide



V Rising Scroll Crafting Guide

Want to know How to Get Scrolls in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide on V Rising Scroll Crafting.

V Rising is a Survival game where you are a weakened Vampire who awakened from centuries of slumber. To survive in the V Rising you need to hunt for the resources, items and many other things. The scroll is one of those resources that need in the game. You can get Scroll in V Rising with the help of this guide.

How to get Scrolls in V Rising

Scrolls are one of the most helpful resources in V Rising for researching advanced technology at the Study. With the help of this study, you can get permission to research castle structures, weapons, armor, magic and other consumable items.

You can search for the Scrolls in the Dunley Farmlands at Militia Camps, Militia Encampments, Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village and Dawnbreak Village.

You can also defeat random enemies to get Scrolls from their drops. Along with this, find the resource in chests and break barrels and crates.

You can also craft Scrolls in V Rising. To craft the Scrolls you need to defeat Level 56, Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror located north side of Hallowed Grounds Sacred Mountains. Before going to defeat the boss, you need to make sure that you have Level 56 gear. After defeating the Frostmaw, you can get 12x Gems Dust and 4x Paper.

With the help of the recipe for crafting Scrolls, you have to find a new technology named Printing Press. Now, you need to place the Printing Press technology in your castle and interact with it to open its menu. Now, you need to submit all the required items to the Printing Press to start crafting. To craft each scroll you need to wait for a few seconds and need 12x Gem Dust and 4x Paper to craft a single Scroll.

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