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How to Get a Library Floor in V Rising

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How to Get a Library Floor in V Rising

Don’t know how to get or create a Library Floor in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide that helps you to create a Library Floor in the game.

If you want to progress in the game then you need to create structure. As resources, the structure also plays an important role in V Rising. Developing structure in the game is not an easy task because you need to fight with several V Bloos Boss to collect the blueprint of the structure.

V Rising Library Floor Making Guide

You can make a Library Floor in V Rising with the help of blueprints of Study. To unlock the blueprints of Study, you need to defeat Level 37 V Blood Boss Nicholaus The Fallen. You can find the boss in the Forgotten Cemetery in the central north part of Farbane Woods.

You can track the boss with the help of the Blood Altar. Once you defeat the boss, you can collect blueprints to create the Study. The blueprints to create the Study structure, you need to collect 40 Paper, 40 Plank, 8 Copper Ingots and 8 Grave Dust. After successfully creating the study you can use it to get new technologies and items. It will need 75 Scrolls per research.

Unlocking the study does not mean you will get to the Library Floor at once as guaranteed. To unlock the Library Floor in the Study depends on your best time or luck. If you have 75 scrolls then click on Discover and try to get Library floor.

You can also try to farm for its recipe by defeating troops in Dunley Farmlands. Many of the troops in this region carry scrolls and you may find the recipe for the Library floor. You should have 4 Blood Essence and 4 Planks to make a Library Floor.

This was everything about V Rising Library Floor Making Guide. You can also explore V Rising and other Guides like Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations and How To Get Mourning Lily In V Rising.

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