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V Rising

V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location

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V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location

To unlock the Tannery and gain new powers in V Rising then you need to fight with Keely the Frost Archer boss. This is one of the first bosses in the game to fight. You can easily find the boss in V Rising with the help of this guide.

Keely The Frost Archer Location

V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

To find the Keely the Frost Archer Boss in V Rising you need to head over to the Bandit Trapper Camp. At this location, you will encounter the Keely and a horde of different Bandit enemies.

When you are going to defeat the Keely make sure you have better armor weapons and magic rings. Players character’s need to be at least Gear Level 20 in V Rising. Below we have listed some items that are enough to get you to LVL 20 and beyond in V Rising.

How to get to Gear Level 20 in V Rising

You need to make the following items to get to Gear Level 20 in V Rising.

ItemsMaterial Need
Copper Spear16 Copper each and 12 Planks
Full Set of Plated Boneguard Armor60 Animal Hide each
Blood Rose Ring80 Plant Fiber, 30 Blood Rose & one Bone Ring. Bone Ring requires 40 bones to make.

To make this item, you will require a Workbench and a Furnace.

How to defeat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising

Make sure you know a basic understanding of Keely the Frost Archer mechanics. You can avoid her attacks to know her mechanics in a better way. Primarily Keely uses ranged attacks, which means she always tries to keep her distance from you.

Keely will start attacks on you and after some time stops moving and starts charging up. Now, you will be able to get a few hits on Keely without any issues. To move quickly out of the way in case of AOE attacks you can use Veil of blood. She will occasionally do AOE attacks.

That’s what we covered about V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location and how to defeat Keely at the location. For more on V Rising, we at Gamersraft have covered guides like How To Build And Use Grinder in V Rising.

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