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V Rising

V Rising Iron Ore Farming Location

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V Rising Iron Ore Farming Location

Want to Farm Iron Ore in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide on the Best Places To Farm Iron Ore In V Rising.

V Rising is one of the most popular Action Vampire Survival games that play around the hunting resources to survive. You need to harvest, farm or loot these resources to gain some power or do different things to survive in the game.

Here, we are going to share information about one such resource named Iron Ore. Without any further delay let’s know about the Locations to Farm Iron Ore in V Rising.

Locations to Farm Iron Ore in V Rising

Image credit: Stunlock Studios

You can find different places in V Rising to get Iron Ore. Go towards the Cursed Forest to find some iron veins to mine the resources. Before going to this area make sure you have a gear level of 60 and above because the area is guarded by the V Blood Bosses.

If you want to find most of the Iron ore then you should visit a fantastic location named Dunley Farmlands. You can also go towards the Haunted Iron Mine to mine Iron ore. Find this location in the Dunley Farmlands region.

Once you will have to collect enough iron ore that you can smelt them to craft Iron Ingots. To craft Iron Ingots you should have an Iron Ingot recipe.

Go towards the Bandit Stronghold in Farbane Woods to find Quincey the Bandit King, a V Blood Boss and defeat him to get the recipe. After that, you can come back to your own castle and use furnace to smelt Iron Ore to craft Iron Ingots

We hope you will understand all the things about farming Iron Ore. If you are also looking for other V Rising guides then check out V Rising Foulrot The Soultaker Location and V Rising Authentication Error Fix Guide.

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