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V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe | Iron Location Guide

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V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe | Iron Location Guide

Iron plays an important role in the game and is a mid-game resource for personal use or to construct a castle. This metal is rare compared to others like copper. You need to collect its Ore to convert it into Iron Ingots.

You need to take some caution to handline some of these metals because carrying these metals can harm the vampire. Here, we are going to share V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe and location guide so, you can easily collect and use it.

V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe

Image credit: Stunlock Studios

You can get this standard metal by defeating the map boss Quincey the Bandit King. This is a Level 37 boss and can be tracked through the Blood Altar.

You will receive Iron Weapons recipes and a chance to construct a Smithy in their castles that used to form Iron Ingots in Iron equipment that play an important role in the whole process. If you are going to attempt the map then make sure you have levelled up your character.

Iron Location

You can collect iron Ore from Haunted Iron Mine in the South/Central Dunley Farmlands in V Rising game. Apart from this ore veins may be found across the Farmlands and in some regions on the East side of the Cursed Forest.

Once you have reached the Iron Mine, then you can easily mine Iron Ore from rocks or you can collect rare drops from chests and foes.

That’s everything about V Rising Iron Ingot Recipe and Iron location. If you have any difficulties navigating the Iron Mine location then comment to us below, and we will solve all queries. You can also check out other V Rising game guides on gamersraft like Which Game Mode to select in V Rising and V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location.

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