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V Rising

V Rising Ferocious Bear Location And Solo Boss Fight

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V Rising Ferocious Bear Location & Solo Boss Fight

V Rising is a Survival game and you need to encounter different blood carriers to extract blood to survive in the world of Vardoran. You need to fight with several V Bloos bosses that unlock several powers, recipes and structure. This type of drop helps you to transform into a Bear form to wreak havoc.

So, in this guide, we are going to share how to defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising to progress in the game. Before defeating the desirable boss, you need to first find the V Rising Ferocious Bear Location.

Ferocious Bear Location In V Rising

V Rising Ferocious Bear Location And Solo Boss Fight
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

Ferocious Bear is located at the Bear Cave to the east of the Farbane Woods. Once you reach there, you need to go south in the forest. To fight Ferocious Bear, you need to be on Level 36 or above. You can defeat the Boss and get rewards like Bear Form and the Fur Rugs structure.

How to Defeat the Ferocious Bear in Solo Boss Fight?

Defeating the Ferocious Bear is not an easy task. This boss can defeat talented vampires in a few seconds. The boss has the ability to Ground Slam with a large round area of attack that is followed by a rain of boulders.

Ferocious Bear takes the benefits of boulders falling and approaches the player fast and starts hitting him. The boss also has a charge skill that can damage lots of its challenger’s health.

The main way for somebody to avoid this beast is to time their evades and utilize shot sorcery to chip at its wellbeing. Utilizing the Crimson Aegis additionally helps in the event that you can’t move in time for one of the Charges. Once you will successfully defeat the Ferocious Bear then it will reward its Bear Form and Fur Rugs structure.

That’s everything about V Rising Ferocious Bear Location and How to Defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising. You can also check out V Rising other guides like How to defeat Rufus the Foreman in V Rising and How To Build And Use Grinder in V Rising.

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