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V Rising

V Rising Cotton Location



V Rising Cotton Location

Cotton is an important resource because it helps to craft various materials in V Rising. If you are looking for How to find Cotton in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide. In addition, we will also cover the cotton yarn recipe, and How to craft Cloth in V Rising.

The game needs many resources and items to survive. You need to go out of your castle in search of quality blood and many other resources. Cotton is one of those resources that helps you in the game. You may not much need cotton in the starting but it comes to crafting late-game materials this will definitely help you.

Where To Find Cotton In V Rising

You can find Cotton in the Dunely Farmlands Region. Explore the Dunley Farmland Region to get different Cottan Farm locations Total number of eight locations located to farm cotton in this region. If you are going to the location then make sure you have better weapons and levels to defeat bosses of the region.

Cotton Yarn Recipe

To get Cotton Yarn the most important thing you need is Loom. You need to beat Level 38 V Blood Boss, Beatrice the Tailor to get Loom structure. The boss will also reward Cotton Yarn Recipe. The boss can be found in Dawnbreak Village.

How To Craft Cloth In V Rising

You can craft Cloth in V Rising with the help of the Loom. To build a working Loom you need to use 12 copper ingots, 20 planks, and 4 wool threads. Once you will have successfully built the Loom then you need 3 leather and 9 plant fibres to make a piece of cloth.

This was the guide on V Rising Cotton Location, Cotton Yarn Recipe and How to craft cloth in V Rising. You can also explore other V Rising guides like Farm Unsullied Hearts Location and Crafting Clay Mold In V Rising.

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