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Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations In V Rising

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Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations In V Rising

Want to know the best place to V Rising Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations, then here we are going to share a complete guide that helps you to Find Sunflower Seeds Locations and How to Farm the Seeds.

The game has lots of different resources with different quality and use. Here, we are going to learn about such resources, as Sunflower Seeds are useful for building your own vampire kingdom as you use them in crafting and upgrading items.

Where To Find Sunflower Seeds in V Rising

You can reach the Dunley Farmlands region to farm the most sunflower seeds. From the location go to the Cotton Farms which is one of the best places to get Sunflower seeds.

You can also get seeds from Berk the Travelling Trader in exchange for 45 Silver coins. Find the trader in Dawnbreak Village located near Dunley Farmlands. Before going to the trader make sure you are in a human form.

If you want to farm sunflower seeds then you can do it easily. To farm the seeds first you need to grow Sunflower in your own castle. You can go to your own castle and mark the border to grow the sunflower. Once you marked the area then drop sunflower seeds in the marked area. Then you need to wait for some days to prepare the crops to harvest and get Sunflower Seeds.

This was the guide on Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations and How to Farm Sunflower Seeds in V Rising. If this guide will be helpful then never forget to check out How to Craft Imperial Thread and How To Get Mourning Lily In V Rising.

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