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How To Get Silk In V Rising

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Process To Get Silk In V Rising

Want to know How to get Silk in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide. You can easily get the Silk which is a higher-level resource in V Rising.

V Rising is a Survival Vampire game that revolves around a hunt for survival on the land of Vardoran. To survive in the game you need to explore the world of Vardoran and collect various resources. 

Some V Rising resources are not easy to get and one such resource is Silk. Players can use these resources to craft other items in the game. Here, we will share a complete guide on How To Farm or Get Silk In V Rising.

Process To Get Silk In V Rising

You can get Silk in V Rising by crafting in a Loom. Silk is one of the most important resources in the game. If you want to craft the Silk then first you need to collect some items like Highland Lotus, Cloth, Silkworms and its crafting recipe. After collecting these resources you can put them in the input section of the loom to get good quality Silk.

How To Get Crafting Recipe To Craft Silk

To get a crafting recipe you need to go towards the Spider Cave located in the northeast region of the Cursed Forests. Then, defeat Ungora the Spider Queen to get Silk Recipe as a reward. Before fighting with the boss, you should make sure to have a higher gear level.

Where To Find Highland Lotus?

You can farm Highland Lotus in different regions of Silverlight Hills but it’s not a very easy task. You need to be ready to fight with the Enemies and Creatures in this region.

In this guide, we have shared everything about How To Get Silk In V Rising. You can use silk to make the best armor set like Bloodmoon Battlegear. We hope this guide will help you to progress in the game by collecting these important resources in V Rising. You can also check out other V Rising guides in our V Rising Guides section.

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