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How To Get Quartz in V Rising – Farming Guide

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How To Get Quartz in V Rising - Farming Guide

V Rising is a survival game and you need to collect various resources to survive and progress in the world of Varodran. If you have reached the end-game then definitely search for the Quartz.

Here, we are going to help you and share the best location to farm Quartz in V Rising. You can follow these guides and collect resources to go one step further in the game.

Find Quartz Location in V Rising

To get Quartz in V Rising you need to find quartz nodes. You can go towards the Dunley Farmlands Region and towards the Silverlight Hills to farm them. You can also find plenty of quartz nodes at Cursed Forest.

The task is not easy because you might encounter powerful enemies and bosses at this place. This region is occupied by some higher levels of V Blood Bosses. You can avoid the enemies and bosses or you can be ready to defeat them by upgrading your gear level.

How to Construct Glass With Quartz?

When you will have successfully collect Quartz, go back to your castle and construct glass. Take some Quartz and put it into a Furnace to get Glass. The number of Quartz depends on the on-floor bonus.

That’s all here to How To Get Quartz in V Rising and use the Quartz to construct glass. If you like the guide then never forget to check out other V Rising guides on gamersraft. You can check out guides on V Rising Keely The Frost Archer Location and How To Build And Use Grinder in V Rising.

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