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How To Farm Mourning Lily In V Rising

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How To Get Mourning Lily In V Rising

Once you awaken from a deep slumber as a weekend Vampire in the V Rising then you need to hunt for the various resources. Mourning Lily is one of those resources that you can farm early in the game.

Here, we are going to share a complete guide on where to get Mourning Lily in V Rising so, be with us till the end and get the resources easily.

Farm Mourning Lily In V Rising Location

Mourning Lily is one of the most important resources in the V Rising to craft Minor Sun Resistance Brew and Holy Resistance Potion. This is a blue colour flower and is mostly located near the gravestones.

You can explore other locations like Necromancer strongholds, Forgotten Cemetery, Desecrated Graveyard and Infested Graveyard to get Mourning Lily. You can also steal the resources from the outside of another player’s castle in the game. Before going to the places make sure you have enough Gear Level to defeat Blood Bosses at the location.

You can also grow Mourning Lily on your own farm by getting the Mourning Lily Seed from the trader Gavyn the Shady Dealer in return for Silver Coins. You can only trade with Gavyn the Shady Dealer in V Rising when you are in the human form.

You can also check out treasures and chests that are looted from villages to find the item. The probability to get Mourning Lily is low.

This was the guide on How To Get and Farm Mourning Lily In V Rising. You can also check out other V Rising guides like V Rising Iron Ore Best Farming Location and How To Get Silk In V Rising.

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