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How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising



How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising

Want to Farm and Get Gem Dust in V Rising then here we are going to share a guide that will help you to farm and get the item easily.

V Rising is one of the most popular Action Vampire Survival games that play around the hunting resources to survive. You need to harvest, farm or loot these resources to gain some power or do different things to survive in the game.

Here, we are going to share details on one such item Gem Dust. Here, you can check out the complete guide on How to Farm & Get Gem Dust in V Rising.

How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising?

How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

If you want to build the Vampire Waygate then you must have Gem Dust. The gate helps you to fast travel between two different locations by teleporting. You can defeat V Blood Boss named Polora the Feywalker to get different materials that are required to make Waygate in your castle. Polora the Feywalker is Level 34 V Blood Boss so, before going to defeat the boss make sure you have 34 Gear Level.

You can farm Gem Dust from Crude Gem Rocks. These Gem Rocks belong to different tiers that depend on the region you farm them from. When you explore Farbane Woods in the starting then start breaking rocks and minerals.

Apart from this, you can also use Devourer in your own castle to make Gem Dust. You can easily farm Crude rocks, Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

This was everything about How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising. You can also explore other V Rising guides like How To Find & Beat Winged Horror and Sunflower Seeds Farming Locations In V Rising.

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