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How To Get Cotton Yarn In V Rising

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How To Get Cotton Yarn In V Rising

Looking to farm Cotton Yarn in V Rising then here we are going to share a complete guide on How to get Cotton Yarn in V Rising and How to use it.

Cotton Yarn is one of the important materials in V Rising to craft various items like Hunter’s Cloak, Hollowfang Leggings, Hollowfang Chestguard and more. You can easily farm Cotton Yarn with the help of this guide.

Cotton Farm locations

First, you need to search for Cotton to make Cotton Yarn. Find a Cotton farm location in Dunley Farmland. Explore the Dunley Farmland Region to get different Cottan Farm locations Total number of eight locations located to farm cotton in this region. If you are going to the location then make sure you have better weapons and levels to defeat bosses of the region.

How To Make Cotton Yarn In V Rising

Once you have farm Raw Cotton then you need to place them inside a Loom to get Cotton Yarn. But before making the Cotton Yarn you should have Loom.

You can unlock the Loom by killing the Level 38 V-Blood Boss, Beatrice the Tailor. You can get a Loom structure from the drop of the boss and use 20 Planks, 12 Copper Ingots and 4 Wool Thread to make a working Loom.

Cotton Yarn Uses

You can make various items with the help of the Cotton Yarn by placing it inside the Tailoring Bench. You can create Hunter’s Cloak, Hollowfang Leggings, Hollowfang Chestguard, Hollowfang Boots and Hollowfang Gloves.

This was everything about How To Get Cotton Yarn In V Rising and its Cotton Yarn Uses. If you like the guide then never forget to check out other useful guides like All V Blood Bosses Location & Reward. You can also check out V Rising guides section to learn more about the V Rising Resources, Items and Recipes.

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